Tube Frame ’69 Camaro Forum – Progress!

This tube framed ’69 Camaro was wrapped up at our shop a month ago, but the Forum Build Thread was badly out of date. We made some time to write-up another 2 part entry for that build that you can read starting here.

In this latest Forum entry what we cover work from late 2019 through mid 2020, and we will cover much more in further installments. Again, this car is running and driving now, just not fully documented as we would like on the Forum Build Thread.

In this installment we show changes to ride height, fender work, aluminum rear wheel tubs, custom Moser axles measured / ordered / installed in the Moser 9″ rear”, updates to the Watts Link, brake hydraulics being built, a fire suppression system install, cage-mounted external battery kill switch + fire pull panel, explain some GM ECM issues we faced, and show finish work on the aluminum hood vent.

This update also covers some fun we had with the G-Force straight cut gear 5 speed transmission, which required opening that up and replacing several parts with upgraded units we sourced from G-Force. Not what we wanted to tackle on a brand new build, but a weird failure on a shift fork cam required this step.

This forum post also covers measuring for custom MCS remote triples, then their installation. Plus some modifications to the trunk for the wing uprights. As always every image within the Forum Build Thread can be clicked for a higher resolution version, and we don’t skimp on the pics. We will show more in the next installment as we get time to write it up, but just know that this car will be aligned and dyno tuned soon so we can get it on track for some proper testing. Thanks for reading!

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