Project #Trigger – LS550 Project Update!

As busy as we are with customer work, we have managed to spend a few weeks here and there working on our LS swapped 2015 Mustang GT. The past seven months of work on is shown in this latest Forum Build Thread update, starting here.

Many systems on this build have been planned out, parts ordered, built and installed. This includes the big dual 3.5″ exhaust with trunk cutout for massive MagnaFlow mufflers, the oil cooler and oil plumbing, and the fuel tank / surge tank plus vent system and fuel system plumbing. The differential cooler and plumbing is also installed and ready for fluids, the cold air inlet and air filter + airbox are built and grills modified. The radiator mounting, fan and all cooling system plumbing is complete, as are the remote coil mounts, reservoir mounts, and rear bulkhead for the trunk.

The carbon fiber trunk is attached and the remote latch is in place, to join the matching carbon hood and (soon to be installed) carbon doors. We’re trying to get as much weight out of this in the first phase of this build without any cutting – just parts replacement and removal of “fluff”. We should have this one running soon and you can catch up on the last seven months of work starting here. Thanks for reading!

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Project New Balance – C6 Project Update!

It has been almost eleven months since we updated the Forum Build Thread for our 2006 narrow body C6 Corvette shown here, #ProjectNewBalance. Our latest forum update covers a few months of work we tackled in mid-2021.

We picked up in the latest forum build thread update after our second track test still chasing a good “baseline” lap time for the stock suspension, but we had been fighting a nasty ABS issue where the rear brakes locked. In some of our futile attempts to “mask” the poor ABS function we changed from the base JL9 brakes to the bigger Z51 brakes. At the same time we upgraded the radiator (DeWitts) and numerous other cooling system repairs.

In late May of 2021 we went back to test the brakes and cooling issues, but another seemingly unrelated update ruined the handling balance – which is ironic, since we call this one ProjectNewBalance. We talk about that and much more in the Build Thread, starting here.

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2021 Aero Upgrades + 2022 Plans

Vorshlag was very busy working on customer cars in 2021! With the addition of a full time tech/fabricator plus a separate production welder in Fall 2021, this has gave us more manpower in the build shop. Our build productivity jumped and more car work tasks were completed every week with the added help.

This 2004 Cadillac CTS-V is being built for WRL endurance road racing, and as such it will have a variety of drivers and potentially make 100+ passes in a given day. To make sure the aero bits don’t get too expensive to replace we worked with Professional Awesome to spec the right mounting methods for a plywood splitter.

We are in love with their carbon rod front splitter struts, but their Quick Release rear mounts are the next level. With a simple door latch (gold bit above) and cable we can detach the back of the splitter quickly and keep it secure. Mounting is even easier – just clip the mating piece bolted to the back of splitter (black triangle) up into the latch. We built some custom brackets to hold the chassis part of the QR mount that were bolted to the subframe, above.

This Gen II Coyote swapped blue S197 got a giant aluminum splitter, also held in place on the leading edge by Professional Awesome carbon struts. We added two “Tow Hooks” to the tubular bumper beam that double as strut mounts and trailer tie downs.

This splitter was an unusual 2-layer aluminum design with the top layer “windowed” to reduce weight, then bonded to the lower layer, with custom tunnels that feed cooling air to our S197 brake deflectors. Complicated and beefy, this will likely be the last time we make one this way – but it sure is bomb proof!

This wide-body E46 M3 has been on track multiple times but came back to the shop for some final aero work, where we fitted a flat bottom undertray and wrapped up the front wheel spats, which attach to a monstrously large splitter. This was all stripped off, along with driving train / wiring / plumbing, and the car went to “paint jail” in late June 2021. We will have this back soon, painted and ready for reassembly, then off to the track again!

This ’69 Camaro is a familiar one here, with construction stretching back “a few years”. We’re wrapping up on this build, having test driven it already we are just finishing some final touches – like the undertray panels, and some welding / finish work on the front aero structure for the dual plane splitter. The lower splitter will go on next, then we can get the car dyno tuned and track tested!

As we enter our 18th year of doing business here at Vorshlag we’re still doing some of the same aero work we did a decade ago – just bigger and better than before. Stay tuned for several more “big aero” work at Vorshlag in 2022!

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Project Update to S550 Mustang LS swap – TRIGGER! #LS550

After a 13 month gap in coverage we have caught up the Forum Build Thread with work done on our #LS550 test mule race car we call #Trigger – an LS swapped 2015 Mustang GT. This update covers all work from July through December 2020, then pics up on the the work again when we restarted this project in August 2021. This is a rather large forum update, with 100+ pictures and some video, which you can read here. Warning: you might want to grab a drink and some snacks, and open this on a laptop of PC to see the high resolution pictures, all of which can be clicked and expanded.

In the latest Forum Build Thread update we cover many subjects – the installation of a rolled radiator, Accusump unit, remote oil filter, tow hooks, 4 port steam vent kit, the intake manifold, discuss ignition coils, install a PP1 undertray, build brackets to hold an aux fuse panel and Holley Dominator ECU, sensors, brake lines, driveshaft, and more!

There is a lot of ground to cover on this update – hopefully you will dig further into the Forum post and see the many build pictures, read the what / why / how behind each task, and maybe it motivates you to work on your race car this weekend. Thanks for reading!

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468″ LS7 Powered E46 M3 Build Thread Update

This long overdue Forum Build Thread update covers work completed on this wild 686 whp LS7 swapped E46 M3 from early 2018 through June 2019.

In that period we completed a lot of custom fabrication, including the elaborate radiator ducting and hood exhaust, twin filter box hood ducts, massive splitter and rear diffuser construction.

Many construction techniques and design aspects of these aero devices are covered, with over 100 pictures in this update alone.

Dozens of sub-tasks were tackled and completed in this update. A tune was loaded for the HPR built 468″ LS7, then engine was started, and lots of “first fire” testing was completed at the shop. Then it was off to the race track for the first track test.

We learned an awful lot at that test and brought the car back to the shop to fine tune many aspects and finish some of the incomplete bodywork. You can get caught up with that large chunk of work starting here. Thanks for reading!

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Updates to E46 Endurance Build

Our shop employee built E46 endurance race car has had a big chunk of work completed in the last few months. We have finished the cage, added window nets, wrapped up the EPAS steering column, painted the interior, and the engine bay is much further along than ever before.

You can read all about the latest progress at the latest entry to the Forum Build Thread, which we have cross-posted to six forums (all linked in the first post).

We like to chronicle all of our builds in detail, for people to see how we do things and to remember later on when we tackle similar work. Thanks for following along on our forum build!

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Two Track Tests & First Mods to C6 – Project New Balance

The last four weeks with the narrow body 2006 Corvette C6 have been busy, and this Forum Build Thread update covers every bit of that work. Some maintenance has been done, some seat testing, then the first on track test to get the Baseline Stock best lap on the MSR 1.7 CCW course.

The first laps in stock form were “not fast” but the car still had potential, so we immediately ordered three sets of wheels, better tires, and real track pads. We cover what was purchased and why in the latest Forum Build Thread update.

We then took the C6 back to MSR for a second track test, and with wider Hankook RS-4 tires and better brake pads, lap times dropped 2.5 seconds – getting closer to a stock C6 Z06 lap time. We also tested a new dual 1080P vidcam, logged CAN data, and created in-car video for both track tests. All of this and a LOT more is shown in the latest Forum post. Stay tuned for more next time when MCS coilovers are installed, along with new seats, new tow hooks, and more!

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New Vorshlag C6 Build- Project New Balance!

We have 3 shop owned race cars under construction, but a busy customer build schedule and the usual “scope creep” are keeping us from getting any of them to the track – our solution was to buy a running “narrow body” C6 Corvette and start driving it immediately. Our reasoning and goals for this project are detailed in this new Forum Build Thread.

Of course we cannot leave anything bone stock around here, so it will get some simple upgrades like MCS coilovers, wider wheels and 200TW tires, bigger anti-roll bars, some mild brake upgrades, and a better cooling system. While this sounds like a lot, this will stay a 100% street legal car that can be driven to events – like many of our customers tend to build. Stay tuned to this forum thread for the baseline road course laps at MSR and ECR, then parts will be installed and we will chronicle each upgrade’s lap time changes along the way. Read more here.

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Massive Forum Update for V8 E46 Endurance Car!

A lot of work was completed on our after-hours, employee built, LS swapped endurance road racing E46 coupe. In this massive 4-part forum build thread update we cover 8 months of work that was done about 3 hours per week, so it gets drawn out a bit.

But being such a drawn out build lets us take the time to document every step of the process, even the experimental items and build procedures we are trying out on this car. We are pushing the limits on some aspects that we might not otherwise attempt on a customer’s car – we show both the successful and the abandoned processes and parts used in the latest forum build thread post.

Lots of systems are wrapping up: the roll cage (above) is about 95% complete, all of the suspension is done, the 5.3L LS V8 and Tremec TKX transmission are in, and the third and hopefully final seat is in place.

We also received the correctly built set 18×11″ wheels, then mounted some 315mm tires, and the fenders have been cut and clearanced for these and flares. There is still a good bit of plumbing and wiring to complete, but we’re going to push to get the car moving in April so we can try to make some races in 2021. Read the latest forum build thread update starting here.

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’67 Mustang Track Build Update!

This blog post is just a teaser for a massive, 3-part, Forum Build Thread Update that covers work on this ’67 Mustang from May 2020 thru January 2021.

The forum update cover a ton of work done at Vorshlag in that time: The strut towers were modified and reinforced, initial camber plates built, S197 spindles and brakes installed, steering completed, and the front suspension wrapped up. A power steering pump was modified and installed, a bit of cage work completed, the 18×11″ wheels and 315mm tires were fitted, a fuel cell was ordered and mounted, the entire fuel system was plumbed, and the Holley EFI system was wired.

Long tube headers were fitted to the 427″ LS7 engine, cooling system started, and hood hinges modified. Tremec has since released their TKX, so I can show that now. At the body shop a new hood was installed, the front doors and fenders were fitted, the rear wheels flared, a carbon lower air dam went on, and the whole body was blocked, sanded, adjusted, sanded some more, and primed.

The initial plan of building a simple track rat has grown into a respectable track build with a real paint job. This opens up the opportunities for this car to series where all of those things are important. Want to read a lot more? Start here in the latest forum post. This is also cross-posted to the TrackMustangsOnline forum, the S197forum, and the Lateral-G forum.

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