New: Vorshlag E36 RHD “Stage 0” LSX V8 swap kits!

Did you Aussies, South Africans, Brits, and other RHD Bimmer owners think we had forgotten about your LS V8 cravings? We have good news: after one full year of development and testing, the Vorshlag RIGHT HAND DRIVE BMW E36 “Stage 0” LS V8 swap kit is available for purchase!

The RHD E36 chassis required unique motor mounts, transmission crossmember, driveshaft length, and of course unique long tube headers. The exhaust headers are bigger at 1-7/8″ diameter, 100% stainless, TIG welded, and made in the USA off of our E36 RHD prototypes. And we have a large batch in stock and ready to ship. We show more details of the development and production of these parts in this forum development thread.

We just finished a batch of motor and transmission mounts, which are shown here in raw steel because they are hot off the fab table! These are going to the powder coater tomorrow and will be delivered in metallic silver finish with poly bushings and all the hardware.

The production motor mounts and transmission crossmembers are made 100% in house, using parts from our new CNC plasma table, and are fully TIG welded on our production fixtures.

If you live in a country that has RHD BMWs, and you crave the easy power of an LS V8, please take a minute You can read the latest entry in the RHD E36 LS swap forum development thread, which was based of of our tester Jack’s RHD E36 chassis he has had with us for this work.

And if your friends tell you that V8 swaps are crazy, maybe you need new friends? #LSswapThePlanet

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