86 Project Update, new Whiteline Swaybars and Coilovers

Fans of the 86 chassis know that Vorshlag has worked with shock makers, swaybar suppliers, wheel makes and of course our spherical top mounts since the dawn of this chassis. Our FRS/BRZ/86 development thread (started in 2012!) has some new shiny bits we developed or installed in 2017 using our FR-S test car. You can read more about these updates starting here.

Some of what we did was to help get our test car closer to V8 power, but we also had suspension work we need to tackle. We show some additional camber plate testing we did with the OEM springs before we picked a coilover for this car.

The new Whiteline MAX G coilovers were installed in December and made a huge improvement in handling but minimal effect on ride quality. We talk about our upcoming track test for this set of shocks also.

We installed adjustable Whiteline swaybars at both ends at the same time, then explain how to install these correctly. We needed these big bars in the car to develop our V8 swap headers around.

A prototype for a rear battery relocation kit for the 86 chassis was built for this car – also getting us one step closer to the LS swap on our shop FR-S.

Lastly we cover the long tube header development – which we are doing with a new primary size for our 86 LS Swap set. Again, you can read all about it starting here. Thanks for reading!

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Vorshlag’s 2017 PRI Review!

The Performance Racing Industry show is an annual trade show in December at the Indy Convention Center, and it is for Motorsport professionals only – but Vorshlag is giving you the back stage pass with 300 pictures and videos in our PRI 2017 gallery! This was our tenth time to attend PRI and we saw plenty of cool new tech coming out in 2018!

We posted pictures and videos to Facebook during the show from various booths, but have even more content that we are sharing now. The focus for our coverage was new technology and products relevant to our customers – road course and autocross racers. We will cover a few highlights here.

We stopped in at the MCS booth multiple times – bidding Lex Carson farewell in his retirement – and also talked to the folks at Bilstein, Ohlins, and AST. Long story short – there are more performance monotube shock offerings coming in 2018 than we have ever seen before.

Powerbrake had a lot of new car fitments and new rotor and caliper sizes for 2018, plus a few surprises that we are working with them on that will be announced in the Spring. Check out this video showing some of the technology in their Motorsport 6 piston X6EL caliper.

2018 is the year that sequential transmission/transaxle options seem to be at an all time high. We took pictures of lots of options from PPG, Weddle, Mendeola, Albins, EMCO, Sedev, and more. Two Vorshlag builds in 2018 will be built with sequentials – stay tuned to our infamous “forum build threads” to see which ones!

Carbon fiber is not something we make at Vorshlag, but it is something we use on a lot of builds and for wings. We had great discussions with both AJ Hartman and the folks from Anderson Composites. We have many projects that will use dry carbon parts from both of these companies in 2018.

James Clay of Lifeline safety equipment taught us about their new “Novec” fire suppression systems that do not harm electronics. Check out the video we shot in their booth using a functional iPad dunked in Novec fluid here. We use Lifeline fire suppression systems exclusively at Vorshlag – and their steering wheel quick connects as well.

The AiM booth had many new digital displays (MXG units are going into several Vorshlag builds for 2018) and lap timers on display. We love the AiM SOLO predictive lap timer, and the brand new SOLO2 units add an RPM signal input, color back lighting, vastly more memory, and twin lines of programmable color LEDs for shift lights or alarms. We show the new SOLO2’s features in this video.

We took pictures of dozens of remarkable cars at the PRI show, but one of the most thrilling to watch on track is the Paul’s Automotive turbocharged V8 S550 Mustang. This car has a Quaife sequential, big tires, lots of power (tunable to 650-900 hp), and major downforce. Jason and Terry of Vorshlag point out some of their aero tricks in this video walk around.

2017 saw a lot of wheel company mergers and acquisitions – with Weld buying Forgestar, then Momo buying Weld and its subsidiaries (plus several others), there was a new mega-sized wheel company that emerged. We’ve worked with Forgestar for over six years and have already started to work with Weld and CCW. We had a rep explain some of the features of this fully CNC machined, forged monoblock CCW TS12 wheel in this video – which you will see on a Vorshlag shop car in 2018!

Its no secret – Vorshlag loves to put big V8 engines into darn near everything. So we pay attention to new developments for various V8 engines – like this Holley Hi-Ram intake for the Ford 351 Windsor (which is going on a Vorshlag employee’s car in 2018). There was also a FAST tunable Tunnel Ram, new runner lengths for the LS7 FAST LSXR, and many more – check our 2017 PRI gallery to see some of the crazy intake options added for 2018.

There were some booths we stopped at just to see the cars on display – like this 1969 Camaro above, the original Big Red Camaro! It was fun talking with the crew chief about their race at Pikes Peak in 2017. We also saw one of Mark Donohue’s V8 LOLAs, a Gulf livery Porsche 917, the Callaway Corvette C7 GT3 race car, and many many more – see them in the gallery.

Australian engine management company EMtron has a line of ECUs with full Motorsport feature sets, all major capabilities enabled without pricey “unlocks”. Now they have a US based employee for tech support, who we have known and trusted for years. Look for one of these EMtron systems on a Vorshlag race car build in 2018 – controlling different power levels per gear, traction control, active aero, and more.

Don’t forget – you can see our entire PRI 2017 gallery here, and most pictures have captions to explain what you are looking at. Thanks for reading!

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E36 RHD LS Swap : Development Update!

Since our last post 6 weeks ago we have been utterly swamped in our service shop but we made time to continue the development work on the “Alpha” build for the LS swap kit for a RIGHT Hand Drive E36 chassis. This will be important to you Aussies, Kiwis, and Brits!

You can read the latest update to the R&D thread for the RHD E36 swap starting here. We started off by adding a number of items to the LS3 engine to make it fit the E36 chassis – and those parts have been added to our E36 LS swap products page already (some of the items fit both LHD and RHD E36 swaps – but not all).

Our E36 competition steering shaft was needed and fit, and the ABS relocation was also necessary. This was somewhat easier than the LHD cars – only 2 “jumper” hoses have to be made and no wiring rework. The unit moves up vertically to gain room for the full length exhaust headers.

Lots of time was spent locking down the driveline placement and the prototype motor mounts and transmission crossmember are built.

All of the work above was done first so we could tackle the hardest part – the long tube headers. These will be specific to the LHD swaps, of course. Again, you can read more here!

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BMW E46 Build Thread – New Rear Aero, 328i Work, 325Auto, and NOLA Race!

We have another big update to our E46 Track Car build thread this time, with 5 massive posts full of pictures, video, and technical bits.

Yes we show the new rear aero updates on our now TT4 classed BMW 330, but also some other bits and pieces in this series of posts.

There is another round of track upgrade work shown in detail on this silver E46 328i sedan (above). We cover flares, wheels, oil system, cooling and other upgrades.

We picked up this black 325 automatic (above) to make a nice daily driver out of it. This got a big round of maintenance and in this latest update we show how to fix many of the common E46 faults.

We finish the update with a full race report from our final NASA race of the 2017 season. So if you have a few minutes to spare give this 5-part update a read. Thanks!

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69 Camaro Track Build – New Forum Thread Updates!

Its been a few months since the last update but we have knocked out a lot of work on the tube framed ’69 Camaro track car.

The ongoing Forum Build Thread for this car has a new 3-part update starting here. Dozens of pictures, thousands of words of text explaining each step of the build.

There are several new updates to ongoing built threads, but the latest Camaro updates are the most recent. Thanks for reading!

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BMW E36 RHD LS Swap – Development Project Begins!

All of you Aussies and Brits that want LS power in your BMW E36 – we’re on it!

You can read more about the initial development of this RHD E36 “Alpha” Swap development, which began earlier this week, starting here.


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V8 Powered BMW M3 CSL Clone – Project Update!

Warning: reading the latest 4 part forum build thread update might fill your heart with automotive lust!

This low, wide, and nasty BMW got a big round of updates under the hood, inside the interior, and a giant wing was added out back.

So much insanity in this engine bay: HPR aluminum 7.7L V8 with 700+ hp, dry sump oiling system, custom long tube header, twin cowl inducted air box, custom rolled radiator, hybrid LS7 accessory drives, and more. Read the latest updates here!

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E46 Build Thread Update! New Front Aero on 330, JD Sold, 328i Work

The forum build thread for our BMW E46 “Daily Driven Track Car” project now has another 5 installments this month, which has grown to cover 4 different E46 cars.

A big chunk of the latest update covers the new front aero package we added to our NASA TTD prepped 330, above. We show the gory details behind the planning, the rules interpretation, and the fabrication of the splitter, the air dam, the M3 nose, tire walls, and more.

Another section shows the installation of HARD Motorsport brake inlet ducts, Powerbrake rotor rings, and the prototype brake cooling backing plates we developed for the E46 non-M chassis.

We wrap up the 5-part update with NASA race weekend coverage where things… didn’t go exactly as planned (the AMB timing system broke!) There was some good testing that came of that weekend, however. To wrap up the new posts we talk about dyno testing, classing points, and our plans for moving this car to TT4 – with a giant rear wing coming online in a few weeks. Thanks for reading!

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Aziz – Light! Project Trucknado (Shop Truck) Upgrades

Not a huge update to the TruckNorris/Trucknado GMT800 shop truck build thread this time, just some maintenance and fixes along with a complete lighting upgrade.

The old OEM headlights, running lights, tail lights and 3rd brake light were upgraded to more modern styles and LED lighting.

We also dealt death to a horde of ants. Die! Die! Die! Read more starting here.

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E46 M3 CSL V8 Gets Flares, Fuel Cell, More!

Check in on the latest build thread update for the BMW E46 M3 CSL V8 shows a lot of work performed recently. In this update we go over the custom fuel cell + fuel filler neck and oil tank, along with the mounting structure and fire proof enclosures for all of that.

We also cover the aftermarket front bumper cover install as well as the structures built to hold that and twin oil coolers. There were Lexan rear side windows and back window added. And of course the custom flares to cover the 335/345mm tires. Read more here!

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