1967 Mustang Pro Touring/Track Car Build

We took on another project this month – tackling some safety, drivetrain, brake and suspension upgrades on a domestic classic that already sees track use.

This isn’t a “scratch build” and we will re-use a number of existing items, but it was deemed a big enough of a project to warrant its own Forum Build Thread, located here.

We want to take an already quick car and make it safer, more powerful, easier to drive, and faster on track. Read along here for a preview and investigation done right before this project kicked off.

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GMT800 / Shop Truck Development

If you have followed the development with our “shop truck” over the past 6 years you know that we have done a number of mods on two of these “GMT800” short bed GM trucks, found some tricks using OEM pieces, and even developed a few new things. In this round of forum updates (Post #29 and #30) we dig in further on our 2000 Silverado 1500.

A number of “little things” were fixed, then we dug into some “big stuff” like a brake upgrade, new shocks and bushings, and new tires.

In this round we also removed the last of the “good parts” from our original GMT800, the ’99 GMC we called #TruckNorris (shown below). That was a sad day, but at least many of the parts from our previous shop truck will live on in the new one!

Last but not least we discuss a new wheel and tire package we are trying to develop for this popular truck model using the 315mm tire below. Our goal is to fit that under all four corners, without modifications to the stock fenders. A custom test wheel is being made to work with our test tire… hopefully we can make this work and then we will build a run of custom wheels to fit this 6-lug pattern without breaking the bank.

Thanks for reading and click here to see the 2-part forum post!

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S550 Mustang Development + new Shop Race Car?

To share what we have learned and track proven with tens of thousands of others, we chronicle our chassis and part development work in great detail on the Vorshlag forums. Today we have another 4-part post showing several Time Trial competition events we have run in our 2018 Mustang GT – our first in-house “S550 Test Mule”. These events don’t always go as planned, but we share both the good and the bad experiences. Hopefully if we make mistakes, others can learn form them.

We test new products, design new parts, and sometimes find entirely new ways of doing things. With some guidance from a fellow engineer we tested a new way of cooling brakes without ducted hoses – and it worked better than we could have imagined. That’s covered with its own test event in this 4-part forum update.

In this round we show some basics, like when it might be time to check your alignment, closely inspect an oil cooler part, or knowing the importance of track temperature. We share some insight in fluid temperatures, additional gauges, and even test some new video cameras.

Last but not least, we introduce an all new S550 Mustang build which we just picked up, and start chronicling the weight savings we have planned. We also explain some of the insanity of racing in a car that the bank owns, and hint at a possible #TriggerWarning that might be under the hood of the new Mule. All of that and more is covered on the forums, starting here. Thanks for following along!

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Chainsaw Massacre E46 M3 V8 Widebody Update

We have been a bit behind on our well known “Forum Build Threads” but we are catching up! In this update we show some fabrication progress work on the V8 powered widebody BMW E46 M3 our customer named “Chainsaw Massacre”. This is a beast of a car with a giant 7.7L HPR 468″ LS7, giant aero, giant tires, giant everything!

This round of posts covers the exhaust system construction, detailed pictures showing the dry sump oil system plumbing, AeroCatch trunk closures, chassis wiring, the Motec ECU integration, Mk 60 ABS plumbing and wiring, and a custom strut tower brace.

Last but not least, we show the very first time the HPR 468 was fired to life. The heavens parted, angels sung, it was glorious. 😉 As always, you can see all of the pictures and details of this work on the forum starting here.

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Endurance BMW E46 Race Car – Updates!

After 3 months of after-hours work on our Vorshlag employee-built and employee-driven Team Endurance BMW we have to catch up on progress we have made at the Forum Build Thread, starting here.

The crew here at Vorshlag works on this E46 one night every week, and so far we have tackled a big chunk of the clean up work on this $100 rolling chassis. The interior removal was shown in the last update, but in this installment we cover the dreaded “tar paper” removal step, then the leftover adhesive removal after that. We tried a couple of different tar paper techniques, and have both pictures and video of the way that worked best.

Weight removal is always key on any race car build, and this round shows lots of extraneous bits we cut off or removed, which we weighed along the way. How could we have a build thread update without pictures of parts on scales?!

Last but not least we show how properly to repair badly “mushroomed” BMW strut towers with simple hand tools, then some preventative measures to keep the towers flat and crack-free long term. This step also has both pictures and a video how-to.

We have completed more work than this blog post shows but we will save more for next time. As always, if you liked what you see in this summary blog post, there is a LOT more to see on the Vorshlag Forum update. Thanks for stopping by!

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S550 Update, Forum is Back!

After nearly 8 weeks without a working forum, it is back and better than ever. We upgraded to the latest vBulletin version 5, moved everything to a new server with a lot more processing power, and we already have a new S550 Mustang Build Thread Update starting here!

This time we cover a pair of SCCA autocross events that we competed in, which was a long time coming. We did well at both and shared video and setup tips in our event write-ups.

This update also covers some new parts testing and upgrades to our 2018 Mustang GT test mule: a new Mishimoto radiator joins their oil cooler for more cooling capacity in the hot Texas summer. We go through the steps involved with that radiator install, as well as discuss weight changes in this overall car over the last 2 seasons.

We also chronicle the install of a a pair of AeroCatch hood latches onto the Anderson Composites carbon fiber GT5 vented hood, then a quick release fire bottle mounting kit for this chassis. There is a bit of a deep dive into in-car video cameras and some testing with AiM SmartyCam – which can integrate data and video in real time. Well, if you get every setting just right…

There are 5 more track events we have done since this installation, so look for another forum build thread update for this chassis soon. Thanks for reading!

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Summer Track Testing

It is pretty hot here in Texas but we are staying busy developing new products and testing them on track as often as we can.

We hauled out to Kentucky to run our 2018 Mustang test mule at the Optima event at NCM June 1st-2nd. We tested an all new brake cooling setup and while there did pretty well in their autocross and speed stop events, plus learned a new-to-us circuit on their 3.2 mile full course. Very hot and humid weekend – time for a cool suit.

A long term customer build was wrapped up and dyno tuned, which let us get in some initial track testing at MSR Cresson June 26th. Lots of good data was gathered and the car is back at Vorshlag for further refinement before we get back to the track for more laps. Very hot and humid – did someone mention a cool suit?

The temps keep rising and more events keep popping up. To test a further revision to our new brake cooling setup as well as a brand new prototype diff cooler for the S550 chassis, we loaded up and hauled down to COTA on June 29th to run an SCCA Time Trial event. Hot and humid doesn’t even begin to describe it. With track temps exceeding 130°F by noon we were melting shoes and tires alike, but gathered some crucial temp data on all of the cooling upgrades we have developed for this chassis. NEED COOL SUIT ASAP!

We have other new designs in process that will help keep your car cool on track – which we might work on some new development indoors for the next couple of months, because, well…

Stay cool out there!
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Farewell to our C4 Project #DangerZone

After a successful Bring-a-Trailer auction in January, the new owner of our 1992 C4 Corvette time trial car hired us to add all of the safety gear necessary to run W2W vintage racing in the car. You can read the final update to the build thread here.

We got to work with a new custom fuel cell supplier, Pyrotect out of Oregon. They took the stock steel fuel tank, modified it heavily, added an FIA GT3 bladder, and installed an in-tank pump, level sensor, and baffled pickup area. We then installed the new fuel cell with new lines and wiring into the car.

Then we added a battery kill switch, new battery, a fresh Schroth 6-point harness, SPA NOVEC fire system with four nozzles, and cleaned up the car. It was picked up last week and will be racing in SVRA around the Indianapolis area soon.

If you want to see every step of this final work, the forum build thread details all of this and more starting here. Thanks for joining us on this project over the last 5 years – its been fun.

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2018 Mustang GT + S550 Project Build Thread Update

Its “Tax Day” in the USA, but don’t let that get you down! To cheer you up we have a massive, 4-part update to our S550 Mustang Development / Forum Build Thread. We have done a lot of upgrades to our 2018 GT and tested some changes at another NASA Time Trial

After adding a big chunk of power in January, we slipped our street car into a new class (TT2) and got to go head to head with the most competitive class of the event. Testing at MSR-Houston on both 200TW tires (RE-71R) and Race tires (Hoosier R7s) was done between the two days of this competition weekend.

After that event we got busy and installed the PP2 splitter (a lot more parts than we thought!), looking for a little more front downforce. Then a full suite of SPL Parts front control arms went on, we reconfigured our brake cooling, added an Anderson Composites carbon fiber hood, and larger case Magnaflow mufflers to cut the noise down – after the ARH long tube headers raised things up a few decibels.

The long awaited rear gearing upgrade was completed! We picked 4.09:1 gearing based off of a detailed gearing analysis, installed a prototype Auburn Pro limited slip differential all into a lighter aluminum Super 8.8″ housing. This went in with a new axle (CV boot was cracked) and made for a big change in on track and autocross acceleration,which worked better with the MT82-D4 transmission gearing.

There was a bit of a detour talking about the new S550 15″ 6 piston Brembo upgrade kit we are offering. Might make a good Tax Refund track safety investment? 🙂 Lastly we hint at a classing change before our next track event in May (TT3), but we don’t stay there long. Lots to read about this time, starting here.

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Tube Framed 69 Camaro Build Thread Update

Been a while since we updated this customer’s build thread. A lot has happened since that last update, and this series of post in the Project Build Thread get you caught up with work done in 2018 – including undertray, rear diffuser, and rear wing.

There are dozens and dozens of detailed pictures showing various steps of the build in this Project Build Thread. Lots of little detail shots for welding, fabrication, and design.

You might not be building a tube framed track car but there might be some tips and tricks within that fit your build – like this Motorsports style heater/defroster (shown below). Nothing worse than driving blind, but for only a 7 pound sacrifice, you can put this simple, compact defroster into your race car.

You can start reading the 2-part update on the Vorshlag forum starting right here.

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