Motul Price Reductions at Vorshlag!

Vorshlag has known about Motul products for a while and have used and sold their brake fluids for many years.

We have recently begun making larger stocking orders, which lowers our costs – so we have lowered our prices!

After getting some education on Motul lubricants, and doing some of our own testing on Vorshlag shop race cars, we have become believers.

Now we stock their 300V Ester synthetic race oils, their 8100 line of synthetic oils, even their mineral oil based lubricants. Some cars like BMWs are known for having unusual” oil recommendations – like this 10W60 below – we stock it!

Our new Motul Fluids page on our web store has a wide variety of products listed, all of which we stock here in our store. Check around and you will see that the new prices are very competitive, too. Feel free to stop by our shop to pick up some gear oil, engine oil, brake fluid, or radiator additive. We can explain what makes Motul better and help find the right fluid for your car’s needs. Thanks!

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Vorshlag BMW E46 M3 CSL clone V8 Downforce Monster Track Car!

We have started a new Project Build Thread and this one is even crazy enough for 4/20 day. This 2003 BMW E46 M3 CSL clone will get the full array of Vorshlag upgrades and modifications: giant V8, giant tires, giant aero, motorsports level suspension/brakes/safety, and massive weight removal.

The image above shows where the progress on this car is April 2017, just before the major body mods began. The new build thread we have started (here) starts at the beginning. We explain the what/why/how this project started, then show the beginning stages of the build: finding the chassis, getting it square, stripping the interior and panels we won’t use.

In our next installment we will show the roll cage construction and many other fabrication steps, but this first series of posts is all about “laying the foundation” for this crazy build. Enjoy!

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More Mods to TTD E46 330 + TruckNorris Dies and is Reborn!

Two big Build Thread updates posted in the last 24 hours on the Vorshlag forum. First up are updates to our #DailyDrivenTrackCar E46 330, which we have prepped further for NASA TTD use.

The five month gap in that build thread has been updated with all of the mods we have done: custom header, custom exhaust, lightweight flywheel, upgraded clutch, CAI, ballast weight box, and even a half cage welded in.

There were two track events in that period but those write-ups will wait for next time. We do share dyno results, work hours logged, and detailed pictures and videos from this latest list of mods starting here.

Next up we have two updates on the shop truck’s project build thread. In this first update we see that TruckNorris was slammed into from behind then shoved into another vehicle, while parked in traffic. Smashed. Crunched. This truck was kilt!

A month later we bought another GMT800 short bed 1/2 ton to replace that truck, which we are calling The White Truck for now. Other names on the list include Truck Yaeger and TruckNado – thoughts?

We will chronicle the buildup of this super clean, very stock 2000 Silverado. Read this thread update to see what we have planned. Thanks for reading the Vorshlag Blog!

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VW Mark VI Camber Plates Ready!

We have made a number of camber plates for the VW Golf over the years, first for the Mark V. Then we added the Mark VII version and have just released the Mark VI Golf design.

These were installed on our tester Jeremy’s 2012 VW Golf R recently. We built them for use with either the OEM spring perch or one of three popular coilover spring sizes, all with our integral radial bearing upper spring perches. These worked perfectly on our his Bilstein PSS10 coilovers, which we had installed previously.

With up to -3.5° front camber available inside the stock strut tower opening, we were all very satisfied with the results. Caster was positive 7.9° in the stock “positive” of two locations (the additional setting would remove about 0.5 deg).

There is even more negative camber travel possible in these plates if you are willing to notch the opening in the strut tower, or remove some positive caster.

We installed the Vorshlag Mark VI camber-caster plates, corner balanced the car and gave it a performance alignment to complete the package.

Look for this Mark VI Gold R on track in the DFW area, now with plenty of “tire friendly camber” up front. You can learn more about the Mark VI camber plates here.

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69 Camaro Updates: Flat Floor + Exhaust

This custom tube frame 69 Camaro track build is one of our favorites, and we are happy to share updates to this build as we go. The latest forum build thread post shows dozens of pictures of work completed after the body was re-united to the frame after both sections were partially painted.

As you will see in the build thread the first things tackled after joining the body and frame were the exhaust from the custom built headers back. This car has a unique tunnel which allows the exhaust to be run inside, completely above the bottom of the flat floor.

We then show the work involved with making a modern aerodynamic “flat bottom floor” for a tube framed car like this. Some panels are bonded and riveted in place while others will be bolted on and removable.

Thanks for reading, liking, and sharing! This car will be on display at our annual open house Saturday Feb 25th here at Vorshlag.

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Interior Removal for Roll Cage Construction

We have updated our “We Make Roll Cages” forum thread to include information about how and why we remove the interior from a race car before we begin roll cage fabrication. You can read the two new posts starting here.

We illustrate the various steps of removing carpet, sound mat insulation, windows, even the roof – which is necessary to gain room to build the roll cage, in some cases.

We also cover wiring and describe how much weight can be lost when “gutting the interior. Again, you can read the updates starting here.

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MRS Electronic makes LS Swapping the 86 Easier!

The engineers at MRS Electronic Inc have developed a CAN integration module to allow LSX V8s talk to the FRS or BRZ factory computer, which allows theses OEM items to function: Tachometer, Coolant Temperature, electric assist Power Steering, Fuel Economy gauge and Check Engine (MIL) notification. You need this module if you want to build a LS V8 powered FRS/BRZ and have *any* sort of normal functionality.

They developed this “black box” using our former Alpha build LS1 FR-S, shown below.

This CAN module currently works for these GM engine control modules: E38, E67 and E40. The more people that pre-order these CAN modules, the more functionality MRS will add, such as:

  • 10 Pre-Orders: Push Button Starting
  • 20 Pre-Orders: Cruise Control
  • 25 Pre-Orders: AC Requests
  • 35 Pre-Orders: ABS/VDC

Just to get their pre-order numbers up, Vorshlag ordered one for an FRS with the E38 (LS3) computer. Pre-orders are only $200, with production prices expected to be $400-600/each – which is still a bargain! Click this link to get in on this pre-order and help out the V8 powered 86 community.

Pre-order info here:…/brzfr-s-ft86-can-module-p…/

With the help of MRS-Electronic for the CAN integration and Vorshlag for the drivetrain mounts and headers, making your V8 powered 86 dream come true just got a lot easier…

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69 Camaro Build Update

The work on the as-yet-unnamed 69 Camaro Track car has been plugging away quietly in our shop this past year. This 2-part forum build thread update we shows the work completed from January through April 2016.

This was an important phase, where the last of the body and chassis work were completed on the welding table, then the car was disassembled and the chassis removed. With the chassis on the ground the final welding work could be completed.

The body went to our friends at Heritage for some blasting, structural repair (roof replaced), priming and parts of the interior areas were painted.

After the chassis and cage was then final welded it also was delivered to Heritage, where parts of the cage and frame were painted. The fuel cell was also installed, the chassis was checked for alignment, and the final few suspension brackets were added before the entire front section was final welded.

This 2-part forum post shows all of the steps along the way – the welding, measuring, fabrication, painting, weighing, and more. Hope you enjoy reading about the build as much as we have doing it!

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BMW E46 Daily Driven Track Car – TWS race, MSR Testing, Winter Plans

Bored on the Thanksgiving holiday and need something to read? Our forum build thread for the Vorshlag “Daily driven track car” BMW E46 has been updated with another big 3-part update starting here. Thousands of words, dozens of pictures, and lots of track videos are within.

In this update we discuss NASA TT classing first, and show how we ran our car 170 pounds under minimum weight for one event – legally. We also cover the race write-up for this NASA @ TWS event, where we scored two 1st place finishes in the car using 2 drivers.

Next we cover some repairs and updates after this TWS event then jump into a test day at MSR in the car, where we logged laps 2.6 seconds faster than we did here in March.

We take a quick recap of our 2017 NASA season, where we scored the TTD championship in Texas. Then we look ahead to winter updates to get ready for 2017 season, including the elusive search for 50 horsepower, aero changes, and long awaited safety upgrades in the form of a partial roll cage. It is still a street driven car, so it is a bit of a compromise. Agian, you ready read MUCH more starting here.

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Vorshlag FR-S: Suspension and Brake Upgrades + Track Testing

Our 2013 FR-S Vorshlag shop test mule for 86 chassis development has undergone two big upgrades and several tests to prove their worth since our last post in August. Before those mods we did a Track Night in America as well as an SCCA autocross, for the last time in stock form. You can read all about the following upgrades, track tests, and more in the latest 3-part update to our forum build thread.

A long awaited camber plate design capable of use with OEM springs for the BRZ/FR-S chassis is now available, which we tested on this car – which we’re calling Agent 86. Getting nearly -3° of camber while not raising or lowering the ride height was key to minimizing front tire wear and increasing cornering grip for road course or autocross use. This design also adds positive caster as well.

The Powerbrake 4-piston front brake upgrade was one of the easiest installs we have ever done, and the 325mm x 28mm rotor fits inside 17″ wheels, even the skinny stock ones (with a 5mm spacer). We document the install and impressions of driving with these brakes in the forum build thread.

After the prototype camber plates and new Powerbrake X4ES brake upgrade were installed we went back to our local road course to test these against the clock, where we found a 2.3 second drop in lap times on the same set of tires.

We’ve barely scratched the surface on this FR-S and have PLENTY of mods left to test before it gets an LS3 engine installed. Stay tuned for more, and catch up here with the development.


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