Agent 86 Update: LS V8 Swap Begins!

After two years of development on many other aspects of our shop 2013 FR-S – testing of coilover kits, big brake kit, giant wheels, flares, camber plates, battery relocation, and more – the V8 swap finally began in December 2018.

The latest 3-part Forum Build Thread update covers the last few months of work on this car, including some random things like a wheel bearing replacement, flare fab work clean-up, carbon front nose options, and other things.

But the V8 swap is what matters most! The FA20 2.0L came out, then we stitch welded a stock crossmember, modified the tunnel to accept the giant Tremec T56 Magnum XL, and got the mock-up LS and T56 installed.

We took a “starting weight” of the 86 chassis, which already has a BBK, coilovers, 18×11″ wheels, 315mm tires, giant Optima battery, and more. Then we weigh damn near everything we removed, and do some weight analysis. Lots to see in this 3-part update!

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S550 Mustang Build Thread + Products Added

We have a massive 5-part forum build thread update on our S550 Mustang linked here. This was written in mid-December 2018, but we wanted to follow-up with this blog post now that the blog is back in January 2019.

In this update we cover 3 different track events (NASA TT, SCCA TT, Test day), test Hoosier A7 vs RE-71R back to back, install Öhlins USA R&T coilovers.

This series of posts also covers the install of a Mishimoto Automotive oil cooler + 3 external gauges (oil/diff/trans), show production S550 tow hooks and brake cooling solutions, and a trick for gaining inboard wheel room on this chassis.

Thanks for checking in – its a good read with lots of pictures and video!

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Vorshlag Sponsors NASA Texas 200TW Championship

When you are used to competing in one series, it can be overwhelming to try a new series or group of classes – especially when the main aspect of your road course car (the tire) is fundamentally different. We have made an updated 2019 beginner’s guide to NASA Time Trial series rules, which you can read about here.

Until now, NASA Time Trial did not have a good way to equalize 200TW tires vs Hoosier R-compound tires, so we have helped create and sponsor a new series of 200TW sub-classes within NASA Texas region. We are hoping this brings in some new folks as well as lower tire costs for existing TT competitors. You can read more about that here.

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Vomo Blog is Back + C4 Project Car Sold!

After a couple of months of bot attacks that brought down our blog and forum, we have won that battle and everything is operational and armored against future attacks.

Since our last blog post in October 2018 we have had a number of new product additions and three big Forum Build Thread Updates. This time we are linking to our C4 Corvette project that sold in December 2018, Project #DangerZone.

In the latest update to the C4’s Forum Build Thread we discuss some updates done to the car, a successful Bring-a-Trailer auction, and more work commissioned by the new owner to make this car legal for his Vintage road racing series. You can read about that starting here.

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BMW E46 Build Thread – Final Track Test, New Paint, Sold + New E46 Cars Added!

Since our last update in our E46 BMW Development Forum Build Thread (latest updates here!) we have had a lot of changes with our red 330 TTD/TT4 build. We did a track test right after NASA @ NOLA, late in 2017.

Then the car went to Heritage Collision for a fresh paint job, and we got to work cleaning the car up, inside and out. Due to some unexpected TT4 class rules changes, we put the car was for sale in early 2018. It was gone in a day.

Sad to see that car go, but we have since added several additional E46 chassis to our fleet of cars waiting to be built.

Look for more info on these builds soon, and again, catch up on the detailed E46 build thread here!

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New: Vorshlag E36 RHD “Stage 0” LSX V8 swap kits!

Did you Aussies, South Africans, Brits, and other RHD Bimmer owners think we had forgotten about your LS V8 cravings? We have good news: after one full year of development and testing, the Vorshlag RIGHT HAND DRIVE BMW E36 “Stage 0” LS V8 swap kit is available for purchase!

The RHD E36 chassis required unique motor mounts, transmission crossmember, driveshaft length, and of course unique long tube headers. The exhaust headers are bigger at 1-7/8″ diameter, 100% stainless, TIG welded, and made in the USA off of our E36 RHD prototypes. And we have a large batch in stock and ready to ship. We show more details of the development and production of these parts in this forum development thread.

We just finished a batch of motor and transmission mounts, which are shown here in raw steel because they are hot off the fab table! These are going to the powder coater tomorrow and will be delivered in metallic silver finish with poly bushings and all the hardware.

The production motor mounts and transmission crossmembers are made 100% in house, using parts from our new CNC plasma table, and are fully TIG welded on our production fixtures.

If you live in a country that has RHD BMWs, and you crave the easy power of an LS V8, please take a minute You can read the latest entry in the RHD E36 LS swap forum development thread, which was based of of our tester Jack’s RHD E36 chassis he has had with us for this work.

And if your friends tell you that V8 swaps are crazy, maybe you need new friends? #LSswapThePlanet

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550 Mustang: We add Safety, Suspension, Hoosiers and go to NASA Nats!

We had a very busy September and managed to squeeze in a little development work and parts installation onto our 2018 Mustang GT test mule, which we cover in great detail in our S550 Forum Build Thread.

The changes we made in the week before the 2018 NASA National Championship event at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) were huge, and it helped us make a leap forward in on-track performance.

We added a new 4-point roll bar we built, a seat bracket kit we designed, a Sparco Circuit II seat, and Scroth harnesses for safety.

MCS RR2 remote reservoir double adjustable monotube coilovers + more spring rate cut down on the roll/dive/squat. Hoosier A7 tires in 315/30/19 added a lot of mechanical grip.

A massive 380x34mm 6-piston Powerbrake kit added a lot of stopping power – with 1.5g stops recorded on data, lap after lap.

We took all of these changes to NASA Nationals and then chronicle the Time Trial competition in great detail. Check out the massive Forum Build Thread update to read more!

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Agent86 Gets Big Wheels, Tires, and Flares!

Although we have been busy this summer building our new shop and moving the business, we still took some time in August to upgrade our ’13 FR-S with some REALLY big wheels… 18x11s at all four corners! We have a huge 4-part forum build thread update showing the work needed to make these fit – and of course the track test to prove their worth.

We ordered Forgestar F14 wheels with their Super Deep concave spokes. We designed an offset that worked well at both ends, so we can rotate the 315/30/18 tires for more even wear,if needed.

We explore several “bolt on” flare kits, and picked one, then showed the various steps needed to install them. There is a lot of clearancing needed to swing a 315mm wide tire on the front of the 86 chassis, and the rear needs a good bit of fabrication as well.

Finally we take the our “widebody” 86 to the track and test it on TWO different road courses. We first drove 3 sessions on our test track, the MSR 1.7 CCW, and saw a huge drop in lap time from previous tests. On the same day we competed in an SCCA Club Trials event on the MSR 1.3, and won the class. Data logged video and first hand driving impressions are included in the forum build thread, of course. Enjoy the read!

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S550 Mustang Update: Brake Tech, Autox, Time Trials, and Champagne!

In this mega-sized Forum Thread Update covering our S550 Mustang development (lately using our shop 2018 Mustang GT) we cover 5 more track days, Terry’s first autocross in the ’18, some brake system changes/tech/testing, and more.

We ran the car with NASA at COTA (above), with Optima at NOLA (below), with SCCA (Club Trials and Track Night in America), and even did some private testing on a road course (our 4th test at MSR-C). The good, the bad, and the ugly from each of these events is covered in this round – with some nice wins and a few “non-wins”.

Some valuable lessons were learned about brake hydraulics after track testing the factory PP1 15″ brake upgrade with the base GT brake master cylinder and booster on our ’18. A bit frustrating where we learned that (at a televised Optima event!) but it was soon fixed and track tested 3 more times after upgrading to the PP1 hydraulics and booster.

This update is chock full of dozens of pictures, many videos, and lots of other late model Mustang tech. Enjoy!

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New Carbon Bodywork for shop C6 Z06: Project Rampage!

We have finished our shop move and are back to posting tech filled forum build threads! This update covers our in-house build of a C6 Corvette chassis that we call #ProjectRampage. The end of the posts might better explain why we chose that name.

After spending months chasing down fender and nose options for the C6 widebody chassis we show testing of what exists in the marketplace, tried on some cheap fenders (that didn’t fit), show some wider-than-widebody options, and cover the pros and cons of the OEM Z06 / ZR1 / GS fenders as well.

Throughout this update we show how we took our C6Z – missing most of the bodywork – and turned it onto a fully formed chassis with all OEM panels, then explain where it was headed for new carbon bodywork to be formed. If you have a C6 Corvette or ever plan to build a race car from one of these, you might pick up some body panel tips. Thanks for reading!

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