E46 M3 CSL V8 Gets Flares, Fuel Cell, More!

Check in on the latest build thread update for the BMW E46 M3 CSL V8 shows a lot of work performed recently. In this update we go over the custom fuel cell + fuel filler neck and oil tank, along with the mounting structure and fire proof enclosures for all of that.

We also cover the aftermarket front bumper cover install as well as the structures built to hold that and twin oil coolers. There were Lexan rear side windows and back window added. And of course the custom flares to cover the 335/345mm tires. Read more here!

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New Vorshlag C6 Corvette Build + Development Thread!

After 12 years of being a slave to McStrut cars, Vorshlag owner Terry finally snapped and bought another C6 Corvette. This leads us to our new C6 Forum Build / Development Thread, which starts off with a 2 post introduction.

How do C7 Corvettes “stack up” on the scales compared to a C6 Z06?

This thread isn’t being written for any fake car tech forums, or censored to be a “safe space”. Instead this will just be posted on the Vorshlag forum with loads of #Watermarked pictures, biased track videos, leaded fuel, tangential writing, in a marketing spin zone where cars will be put on scales… against their will! #FatCarShaming

In this introductory post we discuss some of the technology that makes the C6 Z06 chassis special – a car with a 7.0L V8 we might never see in another factory sports car ever again. Then there’s a road course track test of a stock C6 Z06 vs a stock C7 Grand Sport. Who comes out on top?

Lastly we show the pile of a C6 Z06 parts that Terry dragged to the Vorshlag shop and calls “a car”. Is he insane? Can this mess ever run under its own power? Will he get a divorce if he brings another stray car home? Will he be replaced as Communications Director at Vorshlag – after only 10 days on the job?? Click here to find out!

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Vorshlag E46 330 Takes 3 Wins & 2 Track Records at Hallett

Since the previous month’s build thread update for our #DailyDrivenTrackCar we have done a lot of updates and upgrades to this E46 330. These changes are detailed in the forum build thread here – a build thread with so much automotive tech content it was banned from some forums! #TooMuchTech

These upgrades include an AJ Hartman Aero carbon fiber hood, Aerocatch hood latches, dual fuel pumps, HARD Motorsport Lexan quarter rear windows, a Lexan back window, a new racing seat, and a custom aluminum bulkhead for the trunk-to-cabin opening. We even show carbon fiber repair techniques this time.

We took the car to the NASA Summer Shootout at Hallett and cleaned house, winning all 3 events and setting track records in both directions for TTD class. You can read the race writeup in the latest forum build thread update starting here. Thanks for reading.

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Ford Focus RS Product Development Update!

Right after we finished our prototype Focus RS suspension (camber plates, monotube dampers, & coilovers) and big tire upgrade (Forgestar 18×9.5″ and 275mm RE71R) we did our 2nd round of track testing to see how much improvement we made over the stock RS at MSR-Cresson’s 1.7 mile course. And only 10 months later we finally processed all of the video, data, and wrote updated the build thread – starting here.

In the massive 3-part forum update we cover the challenges of the 3rd gen Focus chassis/suspension and how we overcame that with prototype camber plates and a modified Bilstein coilover suspension. With big spring rate changes, lots of camber, and more caster, we were able to stuff 1.5″ wider wheels and +40mm of tire under this little AWD hot hatch.

The changes to handling balance were nothing short of miraculous. Gone was the heavy understeering car with computer woes, and now we had a damn fast little 4 door on our hands – less than a second off a C6 Corvette Z06 lap time we ran at the same track only weeks before! We show a lot of our MSR testing in this post to give a good comparison of where the little RS ended up.

Todd raced the MyShopAssist RS for the rest of the 2016 season with USCA/Optimam showed the car at SEMA, and even raced in the Super Lap Battle with Global Time Attack, which we cover in the forum thread also. He has started racing the RS with Optima once again in 2017 – and we can’t wait to see how the results shake out.

You can read more, see 80+ pictures, and watch dozens of videos of the RS in full battle trim starting here.

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Updates to BMW E46 M3 CSL V8 Build

Our customer’s BMW E46 M3 CSL build, which was dubbed the “Chainsaw Massacre”, has another update to the detailed Forum Build Thread (starting here).

The image above is from last week and a bit further along than the forum at the moment. In the latest forum build thread installment we cover many parts installed and/or built for this project from Spring 2017.

This work includes the EPAS electric steering assist integration with the OEM column (shown above), OBP pedal box (also above), wheel and tire testing, full MCS/Vorshlag suspension install, Powerbrake brake + custom brake cooling for all four corners, and the double nickel plating we applied to various suspension components. Check it out!

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Vorshlag E46 330 Race Wins + New Flares

We have written a huge update to the forum build thread for our E46 330 shop car. This E46 Coupe is built for NASA TTD class and tests out many theories in our #DailyDrivenTrackCar idea.

The new flares allowed us to push the car harder than ever before. This was apparent at both an SCCA Club Trial at MSR Cresson and NASA Time Trial event at COTA this car raced at in the last month.

We cover the installation of the HARD Motorsport flares in depth. We also explain our take on the concept of “big tires”, as well as proper flare techniques, in this update.

We had a good showing at both race events and found some strong competition at the COTA event, where we were still learning the circuit all weekend. Its a good read – you can start here.

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Friday’s Focus (Camber Plates)

At long last the Vorshlag 3rd generation Focus camber plates are in production, in stock, shipping, and available for purchase for the RS and ST.

These are made to work with coilover struts and we include an upper spring perch to fit either a 2.25″, 60mm or 2.5″ ID coilover spring. Unlike with other platforms there was not sufficient room within the confines of the factory strut tower structure to allow for any meaningful camber adjustment with the large diameter OEM springs. Oh well, just a better excuse to move up to coilovers!

Our camber plate tester Todd E has been running his Focus RS in Global Time Attack and Optima Street Car competitions throughout 2016 and into 2017. The added camber from these plates, combined with the better damping & spring rate of our Bilstein PSS coilovers, Forgestar 17×9.5″ wheels, and wider 275mm Bridgestone RE71R tires, made for a significant increase in performance and competitiveness in these series. This car has seen both autocross and road course competition and the results speak for themselves.

Camber adjustment is relatively easy – just raise the front end, access the top of the strut towers, loosen the top nuts above the tower, and slide the wheel in or out. Caster adjustment is done off the car but is much less frequently altered. Engineer looked at this chassis and made a thicker than usual “top pointer ring” to be able to slide the strut top nut under the top of the tower, for much needed positive caster and negative camber room (we have seen more than -4° camber travel) – without the need to cut up the strut tower structure.

The smaller diameter 60mm spring is about half the diameter of the OEM bits (see above), which gives ample room to move the top of the strut inboard for more camber travel. The added benefit of this car’s conversion was the added spring rate – which radically reduced brake dive, rear squat and body roll.

So when you are ready to take it to he next level in your RS or ST Focus know that there’s one camber-caster plate that was built to give you maximum adjustment range, rock solid reliability, and be silent in use: Vorshlag.

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New E46 Exterior and Aero Parts Offered

We have been buying, installing, and testing out a lot of new exterior and Carbon Fiber parts from various vendors on our shop E46 race car as well as some other customer BMWs. The testing has gone well on this round of parts so we added a new section to our web store E46 Exterior and Aero.

The E46 330 above shows off a lot of the new parts – the HARD Motorsport flares, AJ Hartman carbon sunroof delete panel, and carbon fiber hood.

The flares make the E46 non-M Coupe or Sedan (two different flare kits) fenders as big as the M3, so our 17×10″ Forgestar wheels and Hoosier race tires now fit this car without rubbing. We noticed the improved grip at the F1 track we raced at two weeks ago, COTA. Our little 330 set the track record and won its class both days, thanks in no small part to the wider stance and ample suspension / tire clearance. We preach that “bigger tires make bigger grip”, so now we can fit even more tire on this little car – and will be moving up to 275mm tires soon.

Anther project, this E46 M3 CSL clone V8 Monster, is showing off the AJ Hartman carbon fiber CSL style roof and carbon hood. This car is built around a massive engine (7.7L HPR built LS7), huge tires (335F/345R), and flares. It will soon get an AJ Hartman carbon wing – as will the red 330 above. For this M3 a 9.5 pound carbon hood and 6.9 pound carbon roof panel fit the build. The fit and finish are second to none, and the low weight makes the car faster.

We have used this AJ Hartman carbon sunroof delete panel on a number of E46 sedan and coupe chassis. This panel helps drop 70 pounds and gain 3″ of headroom in these cars if they come with the factory sunroof, which most of these cars do.

So if you have a BMW E46, check out this new section of our web store. And we added installation galleries for each of these parts, linked within each product entry. We’ll be adding more of these types of parts to this section and to other car models as we buy, test, and verify their fit and function. At Vorshlag we are picky – if we don’t test and trust a part, we won’t sell it. If we DO sell something its because it is GOOD.

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FRS/BRZ LS1 Swap Update: new parts added!

Vorshlag has released and shipped new parts for our BRZ/FRS/86 V8 swap kit, which are now listed on this 86 Swap product page. This includes the complete clutch hydraulics kit, driveshafts, and complete Tremec Magnum XL 6-speed transmissions made for this swap.

First up is the big bad six speed that our kit is built around. This kit (available here) includes a brand new 700 ft-lb rated Tremec T56 Magnum XL, the bellhousing, and custom input shaft made for use with a GM LS engine. The transmission is available in two gear ratios and includes shipping to the continental 48 states (freight truck). These are built to order and usually ship in 1-4 weeks.

Next up is the 86 specific T56 Hyd. Throw Out Bearing and Master Cylinder Kit, which works with virtually all OEM and aftermarket clutches and the T56 Magnum XL shown above. The hydraulic throw out bearing is from GM and includes a remote bleed line and a new stainless braided clutch hydraulic line, with a quick connect for easier servicing. This is plumbed to our custom Tilton clutch master cylinder, which mounts to the firewall via the CNC machined aluminum adapter.

The larger diameter clutch master has enough hydraulic ratio to actuate the T56 TOB. An adjustable actuator rod attaches to the 86 clutch pedal for a bolt-in arrangement. Due to the unique hydraulic fittings used on the Tilton master these two items (Clutch Master & TOB) are sold together in one kit.

We have several of these T56 hydraulic systems in stock and ready to ship.

We have also been shipping the driveshafts to fit the 86 rear axle flange and our custom T56 Magnum XL. These 3″ diameter aluminum 1-piece units are only 12.9 pounds, built to order, and usually ship in 1-2 weeks.

Another batch of motor mounts and transmission crossmembers are being CNC laser cut now and we will have these welded and powder coated soon. One problem we do need to address is the long tube headers… our production header manufacturer here in the USA damaged the production header fixture beyond repair. Its something we just found out about after placing a large production order many months ago, and we are scrambling to remake another prototype header set now.

This is not something we wanted to happen, obviously, but we’re trying to see the “silver lining” in this fiasco. With a whole new header design we can accommodate the front swaybar as well as moving up to a 1-7/8″ primary size (up from 1-3/4″). This should both add horsepower AND reduce the need for a custom swaybar. We’re ripping apart a company owned FRS now and have parts on hand to build the “new prototype” header. We have fast tracked the production version and should have something ready to ship soon.

We will share more info here on the Vorshlag blog and via our Alpha 86 swap forum build thread soon!

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More Details on BMW E46 M3 CSL clone V8 Downforce Monster Track Car

We have updated the forum build thread with a huge 3-part post showing many more details on the V8 powered M3 CSL clone we are building for a customer. If you like seeing fabrication and build details, this one will be worth the read – starting here.

In this round we show how (and explain why) the roll cage was built for this Time Trial/HPDE track car – that also sees some street use. Then custom door panels were built to clear the cage while retaining functional door glass. A lot of work was shown making two halo style racing seats fit around the cage and door panels, too.

The front subframe was reinforced, as was the rear. Out back we modified that subframe to take an 8.8″ aluminum Ford IRS differential case – we explain why in the forum post. Then we talked about two racing series that this car can compete in, with some changes to tires and aero.

Again, many more details are discussed and shown in the latest post – enjoy!

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