Summer Track Testing

It is pretty hot here in Texas but we are staying busy developing new products and testing them on track as often as we can.

We hauled out to Kentucky to run our 2018 Mustang test mule at the Optima event at NCM June 1st-2nd. We tested an all new brake cooling setup and while there did pretty well in their autocross and speed stop events, plus learned a new-to-us circuit on their 3.2 mile full course. Very hot and humid weekend – time for a cool suit.

A long term customer build was wrapped up and dyno tuned, which let us get in some initial track testing at MSR Cresson June 26th. Lots of good data was gathered and the car is back at Vorshlag for further refinement before we get back to the track for more laps. Very hot and humid – did someone mention a cool suit?

The temps keep rising and more events keep popping up. To test a further revision to our new brake cooling setup as well as a brand new prototype diff cooler for the S550 chassis, we loaded up and hauled down to COTA on June 29th to run an SCCA Time Trial event. Hot and humid doesn’t even begin to describe it. With track temps exceeding 130°F by noon we were melting shoes and tires alike, but gathered some crucial temp data on all of the cooling upgrades we have developed for this chassis. NEED COOL SUIT ASAP!

We have other new designs in process that will help keep your car cool on track – which we might work on some new development indoors for the next couple of months, because, well…

Stay cool out there!
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Farewell to our C4 Project #DangerZone

After a successful Bring-a-Trailer auction in January, the new owner of our 1992 C4 Corvette time trial car hired us to add all of the safety gear necessary to run W2W vintage racing in the car. You can read the final update to the build thread here.

We got to work with a new custom fuel cell supplier, Pyrotect out of Oregon. They took the stock steel fuel tank, modified it heavily, added an FIA GT3 bladder, and installed an in-tank pump, level sensor, and baffled pickup area. We then installed the new fuel cell with new lines and wiring into the car.

Then we added a battery kill switch, new battery, a fresh Schroth 6-point harness, SPA NOVEC fire system with four nozzles, and cleaned up the car. It was picked up last week and will be racing in SVRA around the Indianapolis area soon.

If you want to see every step of this final work, the forum build thread details all of this and more starting here. Thanks for joining us on this project over the last 5 years – its been fun.

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2018 Mustang GT + S550 Project Build Thread Update

Its “Tax Day” in the USA, but don’t let that get you down! To cheer you up we have a massive, 4-part update to our S550 Mustang Development / Forum Build Thread. We have done a lot of upgrades to our 2018 GT and tested some changes at another NASA Time Trial

After adding a big chunk of power in January, we slipped our street car into a new class (TT2) and got to go head to head with the most competitive class of the event. Testing at MSR-Houston on both 200TW tires (RE-71R) and Race tires (Hoosier R7s) was done between the two days of this competition weekend.

After that event we got busy and installed the PP2 splitter (a lot more parts than we thought!), looking for a little more front downforce. Then a full suite of SPL Parts front control arms went on, we reconfigured our brake cooling, added an Anderson Composites carbon fiber hood, and larger case Magnaflow mufflers to cut the noise down – after the ARH long tube headers raised things up a few decibels.

The long awaited rear gearing upgrade was completed! We picked 4.09:1 gearing based off of a detailed gearing analysis, installed a prototype Auburn Pro limited slip differential all into a lighter aluminum Super 8.8″ housing. This went in with a new axle (CV boot was cracked) and made for a big change in on track and autocross acceleration,which worked better with the MT82-D4 transmission gearing.

There was a bit of a detour talking about the new S550 15″ 6 piston Brembo upgrade kit we are offering. Might make a good Tax Refund track safety investment? 🙂 Lastly we hint at a classing change before our next track event in May (TT3), but we don’t stay there long. Lots to read about this time, starting here.

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Tube Framed 69 Camaro Build Thread Update

Been a while since we updated this customer’s build thread. A lot has happened since that last update, and this series of post in the Project Build Thread get you caught up with work done in 2018 – including undertray, rear diffuser, and rear wing.

There are dozens and dozens of detailed pictures showing various steps of the build in this Project Build Thread. Lots of little detail shots for welding, fabrication, and design.

You might not be building a tube framed track car but there might be some tips and tricks within that fit your build – like this Motorsports style heater/defroster (shown below). Nothing worse than driving blind, but for only a 7 pound sacrifice, you can put this simple, compact defroster into your race car.

You can start reading the 2-part update on the Vorshlag forum starting right here.

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2018 Mustang / S550 Project Build Thread Update

It has been a couple of months since our last post in our S550 Mustang Forum Build Thread – but there’s a new triple sized post starting here. This is the thread where we chronicle new product development, testing, and competition events using our 2018 Mustang and other customers’ “S550” generation cars.

This time we cover a number of new parts we have made or tested using our car, including additional power from an American Racing Headers long tube header system, new cold air intake, and a custom dyno tune using an SCT “X4” programmer. The before/after dyno results were a bit surprising – and forced a last minute class change from NASA’s TT3 to TT2 class. We explain the classing process in detail, plus our plans to move back into the more appropriate (for this car’s weight & power) TT3 class.

We cover some brake duct testing and development, did an analysis of brake pad wear from this car – over the three completely different front brake systems tested to date – and then turned towards suspension.

A big part of this update covered some changes to our MCS RR2 coilovers, which went back on the car with new lengths, plus an all-new S550 2 height “Raised” rear shock mount design that features a spherical bearing, of course. We mounted the MCS remote reservoirs, added a Ford Racing strut tower brace, and more.

There are two new MOMO wheel sets, and two new tires sets, for the car for the 2019 season. We also review a new Sparco carbon helmet in this post. We have much more in store already written for the next update, but this one turned into a 9000 word post, so we had to stop. The update can be found starting here. Thanks for reading!

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Ohlins R&T For Focus RS

After Ohlins announced the Focus RS addition to the Road and Track line we ordered and received the first kit in late 2018. Since then there have been a number of these sold and they are starting to ship with the complete system in January 2019. We have them listed here.

This Focus RS R&T kit includes everything needed to upgrade from the soft springs and OEM twin tube dampers from the 2016-18 Focus RS to proper monotube, inverted, adjustable coilovers. This kit has 4 corner ride height control and includes a matched set of springs made for the RS. There is an optional EDC cancellation kit also.

We have an optional Vorshlag camber-caster plate for the front, to make a good system even better. Track drivers, Time Trials, autocrossers – this is an option you want! The inverted Ohlins design makes for a short strut stem that can slide under the strut tower bulge for big camber and caster changes without any cutting the opening, too. But if you want to go further…

We make this strut tower cutting fixture for the 3rd gen Focus. This allows the small strut tower opening to be enlarged (with a hole saw that is aligned on this jig) for additional camber and caster travel with our camber plates.

If you own a Focus RS, call Vorshlag for all of your Focus RS suspension, wheel, and brake needs. We have worked with this chassis since the month it arrived in North America and have extensive track testing on multiple suspension setups for this chassis.

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Agent 86 Update: LS V8 Swap Begins!

After two years of development on many other aspects of our shop 2013 FR-S – testing of coilover kits, big brake kit, giant wheels, flares, camber plates, battery relocation, and more – the V8 swap finally began in December 2018.

The latest 3-part Forum Build Thread update covers the last few months of work on this car, including some random things like a wheel bearing replacement, flare fab work clean-up, carbon front nose options, and other things.

But the V8 swap is what matters most! The FA20 2.0L came out, then we stitch welded a stock crossmember, modified the tunnel to accept the giant Tremec T56 Magnum XL, and got the mock-up LS and T56 installed.

We took a “starting weight” of the 86 chassis, which already has a BBK, coilovers, 18×11″ wheels, 315mm tires, giant Optima battery, and more. Then we weigh damn near everything we removed, and do some weight analysis. Lots to see in this 3-part update!

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S550 Mustang Build Thread + Products Added

We have a massive 5-part forum build thread update on our S550 Mustang linked here. This was written in mid-December 2018, but we wanted to follow-up with this blog post now that the blog is back in January 2019.

In this update we cover 3 different track events (NASA TT, SCCA TT, Test day), test Hoosier A7 vs RE-71R back to back, install Öhlins USA R&T coilovers.

This series of posts also covers the install of a Mishimoto Automotive oil cooler + 3 external gauges (oil/diff/trans), show production S550 tow hooks and brake cooling solutions, and a trick for gaining inboard wheel room on this chassis.

Thanks for checking in – its a good read with lots of pictures and video!

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Vorshlag Sponsors NASA Texas 200TW Championship

When you are used to competing in one series, it can be overwhelming to try a new series or group of classes – especially when the main aspect of your road course car (the tire) is fundamentally different. We have made an updated 2019 beginner’s guide to NASA Time Trial series rules, which you can read about here.

Until now, NASA Time Trial did not have a good way to equalize 200TW tires vs Hoosier R-compound tires, so we have helped create and sponsor a new series of 200TW sub-classes within NASA Texas region. We are hoping this brings in some new folks as well as lower tire costs for existing TT competitors. You can read more about that here.

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Vomo Blog is Back + C4 Project Car Sold!

After a couple of months of bot attacks that brought down our blog and forum, we have won that battle and everything is operational and armored against future attacks.

Since our last blog post in October 2018 we have had a number of new product additions and three big Forum Build Thread Updates. This time we are linking to our C4 Corvette project that sold in December 2018, Project #DangerZone.

In the latest update to the C4’s Forum Build Thread we discuss some updates done to the car, a successful Bring-a-Trailer auction, and more work commissioned by the new owner to make this car legal for his Vintage road racing series. You can read about that starting here.

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