Project #Trigger Mustang – 5 Part Forum Update!

The latest entry into our Forum Build thread for our LS550 swap test mule is live, and it is a huge one. This 5 part update covers work we completed on Terry’s 2015 Mustang GT #Trigger, from January through June 2023, where we ran had some “not great luck” and had to make some pretty big changes, but eventually we got the car on track.

Losing the 6.3L engine on the dyno was bad stroke of luck, and wrecked our 2023 Time Trial season plans. After a generous gift from Vorshlag co-owner Amy, her HPR built 454″ dry sumped LS engine was now part of Terry’s Mustang build! We rushed to get that in the car, then stumbled with some major delays getting some parts that we thought we needed to make “big power” on this big engine.

We spent about 8 weeks making this manifold fit this engine with a bigger 112mm throttle body, which (along with some other associated problems) made for a pretty terrible-to-drive setup – small throttle input changes made for WILD power applications – and frankly did not make very much power over the standard plastic long runner intakes and the 103mm throttle bodies (we have since switched to an MSD intake and found major improvements). Oh well, live and learn – and share those lessons!

This forum update covers the end of the 6.3L and the birth of the 7.4L, which took a bit of doing: a new dry sump oiling system, a lot of testing and tuning, tweaks and repairs. This post gets us to the end of June 2023, where we completed the first track test of this car with the 454″ engine. There is still more of this build to cover, but we will tackle that another time. Remember that each picture in the Forum Build Thread can be clicked for higher rez versions or even videos, so if you have a larger computer screen to view the Forum on, that works best. Thanks for reading!

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