Project Update to S550 Mustang LS swap – TRIGGER! #LS550

After a 13 month gap in coverage we have caught up the Forum Build Thread with work done on our #LS550 test mule race car we call #Trigger – an LS swapped 2015 Mustang GT. This update covers all work from July through December 2020, then pics up on the the work again when we restarted this project in August 2021. This is a rather large forum update, with 100+ pictures and some video, which you can read here. Warning: you might want to grab a drink and some snacks, and open this on a laptop of PC to see the high resolution pictures, all of which can be clicked and expanded.

In the latest Forum Build Thread update we cover many subjects – the installation of a rolled radiator, Accusump unit, remote oil filter, tow hooks, 4 port steam vent kit, the intake manifold, discuss ignition coils, install a PP1 undertray, build brackets to hold an aux fuse panel and Holley Dominator ECU, sensors, brake lines, driveshaft, and more!

There is a lot of ground to cover on this update – hopefully you will dig further into the Forum post and see the many build pictures, read the what / why / how behind each task, and maybe it motivates you to work on your race car this weekend. Thanks for reading!

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