2021 Aero Upgrades + 2022 Plans

Vorshlag was very busy working on customer cars in 2021! With the addition of a full time tech/fabricator plus a separate production welder in Fall 2021, this has gave us more manpower in the build shop. Our build productivity jumped and more car work tasks were completed every week with the added help.

This 2004 Cadillac CTS-V is being built for WRL endurance road racing, and as such it will have a variety of drivers and potentially make 100+ passes in a given day. To make sure the aero bits don’t get too expensive to replace we worked with Professional Awesome to spec the right mounting methods for a plywood splitter.

We are in love with their carbon rod front splitter struts, but their Quick Release rear mounts are the next level. With a simple door latch (gold bit above) and cable we can detach the back of the splitter quickly and keep it secure. Mounting is even easier – just clip the mating piece bolted to the back of splitter (black triangle) up into the latch. We built some custom brackets to hold the chassis part of the QR mount that were bolted to the subframe, above.

This Gen II Coyote swapped blue S197 got a giant aluminum splitter, also held in place on the leading edge by Professional Awesome carbon struts. We added two “Tow Hooks” to the tubular bumper beam that double as strut mounts and trailer tie downs.

This splitter was an unusual 2-layer aluminum design with the top layer “windowed” to reduce weight, then bonded to the lower layer, with custom tunnels that feed cooling air to our S197 brake deflectors. Complicated and beefy, this will likely be the last time we make one this way – but it sure is bomb proof!

This wide-body E46 M3 has been on track multiple times but came back to the shop for some final aero work, where we fitted a flat bottom undertray and wrapped up the front wheel spats, which attach to a monstrously large splitter. This was all stripped off, along with driving train / wiring / plumbing, and the car went to “paint jail” in late June 2021. We will have this back soon, painted and ready for reassembly, then off to the track again!

This ’69 Camaro is a familiar one here, with construction stretching back “a few years”. We’re wrapping up on this build, having test driven it already we are just finishing some final touches – like the undertray panels, and some welding / finish work on the front aero structure for the dual plane splitter. The lower splitter will go on next, then we can get the car dyno tuned and track tested!

As we enter our 18th year of doing business here at Vorshlag we’re still doing some of the same aero work we did a decade ago – just bigger and better than before. Stay tuned for several more “big aero” work at Vorshlag in 2022!

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