FINAL Updates to #ProjectNewBalance C6!?

A long overdue Forum Build Thread update covers the last 2 months of competition and test events we ran in #ProjectNewBalance, our narrow body C6 Corvette that we worked on in 2021 and campaigned in SCCA and NASA TT in 2022. The forum post is a big 3 parter, so go grab a snack and login on a device with a larger screen – as every image can be clicked for higher resolution pictures or videos.

In addition to the track tests and Time Trials, we also cover many months of development work to the C6 and our biggest single break-through yet – front brake cooling. This was a game changer for this car, and remember – we also had an ABS swap (Mk60) and ran three different brake systems (base, Z51 and C6 Z06 brakes). No other single brake system mod made a bigger difference then this, and its a simple upgrade. Wish we had done this sooner! Live and learn…

The Forum Update also goes over a bunch of power upgrades we did after securing the Tuner2 Texas Region championship for 2022, and these changes (heads / cam / intake / cold air / new headers / tune) netted an 80 whp gain on the dyno. We show the way that we built the exhaust to keep it all quiet, too.

Finally, this “final” update shows all of the paint and prep that went into making this C6 have a car show level finish, with 60% of the body repainted, plus loads of detail work done in early 2023. This all came together in a “car for sale page” that worked well, and this C6 sold quickly.

But fear not – we now have merged our C5 and C6 development threads into this one mega thread and will update it more, like when our all carbon C6 Z06 comes into the shop (soon) and gets a more aggressive TT build than any other car we have built in the last 20 years at Vorshlag. Stay tuned for more!

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