VoMoLeaks Document Dump: 5th Gen Camaro Tech!

The real October Surprise is Vorshlag’s massive tech post on 5th gen Camaro! We work on a variety of sports and sporty cars, and the 5th Gen chassis was one we have starting attacking in 2013. One tester’s car in particular, the silver 2013 1LE Camaro SS shown below, has borne the brunt of our development, testing, and prototype parts. We show the multi-year progression of development on this car in our latest series of posts in the 5th gen Camaro Development Thread.

This yuuuge 4-part document dump starts with the factory brake system, and why some upgrades were necessary on this car. Was it a conspiracy when a certain “Scottish Flight” was downed at Eagles Canyon Raceway!? Brake cooling and proper brake pads will keep this Camaro flying – and on the track – in the future. We also developed our production version of the Vorshlag 5th gen Camber Plate using this car, making both OEM spring and coilover spring perch versions.

Running this car on track in the stock seats is torture, and probably against the Geneva Convention. Adding proper racing harnesses and fixed back racing seats proved to be a challenge using off-the-shelf parts. After significant modifications we were able to get the pair of Cobra Suzuka seats installed properly, with adequate head clearance and travel. The Schroth Profi-II harnesses combined with the seats to make for a pleasant driving experience on track.

No matter which way you lean politically, adding some negative camber lean up front is always good for a tire. That change, along with a spring rate change, really woke up the handling of this car – and kept the outer tire shoulders from getting murdered. Going to a 19×11″ Forgestar wheel and 305mm Hankook tire made for some monster grip. Once this was all combined into the new suspension setup it made for a damned fast car on an autocross and a road course, which we show in several in-car videos and race results.

For the sake of our country… please take a few minutes to read the latest entry into this development build thread, as there is a lot of technical info, pictures, and videos inside to show the capabilities and options for improving the 2010-15 Camaro chassis. Thanks, and #VoteVorshlag2016!

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