Project New Balance – C6 Project Update!

It has been almost eleven months since we updated the Forum Build Thread for our 2006 narrow body C6 Corvette shown here, #ProjectNewBalance. Our latest forum update covers a few months of work we tackled in mid-2021.

We picked up in the latest forum build thread update after our second track test still chasing a good “baseline” lap time for the stock suspension, but we had been fighting a nasty ABS issue where the rear brakes locked. In some of our futile attempts to “mask” the poor ABS function we changed from the base JL9 brakes to the bigger Z51 brakes. At the same time we upgraded the radiator (DeWitts) and numerous other cooling system repairs.

In late May of 2021 we went back to test the brakes and cooling issues, but another seemingly unrelated update ruined the handling balance – which is ironic, since we call this one ProjectNewBalance. We talk about that and much more in the Build Thread, starting here.

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