Project #Trigger – Our S550 Mustang RUNS!

The last four months of work on our 2015 Mustang LS swap test mule was the most intense period yet, and updating the Forum Build Thread took a solid 24 hours of typing, sorting pictures, and performing edits over the past 2 weeks. This four part mega-update to the Forum Build Thread starts here.

Since late August 2022 our crew finished all a ton of wiring, added fluids, built front ducting, added sensors, added fluids, mounted an AiM then Holley digital dash (ugh), programmed the Accusump, made the EPAS rack work, got the engine fired up, fixed a slave cylinder/clutch stop issue, made the center stack dash panel, added SPL rear upper arms, tackled some ABS swap work, got the car aligned, made a new shifter, added some more gauges, and had the first dyno session.

Covering all of that work this time includes a forum update more than 250 pictures, some videos, and about 40,000 words. This is best read this update on a computer with a proper screen, and each picture can be clicked for a higher rez version. Enjoy! #Trigger

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