BMW E46 Build Thread – Final Track Test, New Paint, Sold + New E46 Cars Added!

Since our last update in our E46 BMW Development Forum Build Thread (latest updates here!) we have had a lot of changes with our red 330 TTD/TT4 build. We did a track test right after NASA @ NOLA, late in 2017.

Then the car went to Heritage Collision for a fresh paint job, and we got to work cleaning the car up, inside and out. Due to some unexpected TT4 class rules changes, we put the car was for sale in early 2018. It was gone in a day.

Sad to see that car go, but we have since added several additional E46 chassis to our fleet of cars waiting to be built.

Look for more info on these builds soon, and again, catch up on the detailed E46 build thread here!

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