86 Development Forum Build Thread Update!

After an entry to our 10+ year old 86 Development Forum Build Thread back in May of 2022, we have a major update posted in December showing the first mods and first three track tests in our 2nd gen 2023 BRZ! You can start reading the big 3-part update starting here.

We already had a gaggle of parts waiting for the BRZ before it even arrived, and in this installment we show the installation of much of the parts shown above. We also didn’t waste any time getting to the track, and arrived at our first Motorsport Ranch baseline stock test with 130 miles on the odometer! We have since run two tests on that track and another at Eagles Canyon Raceway (below) – where we had the car log booked and teched for NASA TT5 competition.

We didn’t leave out thew 1st gen 86 cars in this Forum Update, and in fact managed to get to drive this 1st gen 2020 Toyota GT86 (shown below) on two different occasions at ECR. It was nice seeing a consistent 3 second lap time drop on this car (from multiple drivers) driving it “bone stock” then adding Vorshlag camber plates, both times on a consistent set of 225mm Hankook RS4 tires and PFC pads. Those test lap videos are also included in this update. And then to drive our 2nd gen 2023 BRZ there – which utterly obliterated those 1st gen times!

There are tons of pictures of parts, parts being installed, and both cars and parts being weighed, plus more technical information about both the 1st and 2nd gen 86 models – including what previous Subaru chassis / suspensions they were derived from. If you ever thought about buying one of these lightweight, Rear Wheel Drive “86” coupes, do yourself a favor: grab a frosty beverage, boot up a computer with a high rez screen, and dig into the build thread starting here. Each image in the forum post can be clicked for higher resolution versions. Thanks for reading!

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