Vorshlag ’22 Maverick – Smol Truck Development Thread!

We ordered a 2022 Ford Maverick with the 2.0L Ecoboost AWD drivetrain in August 2021, received it in Dec 2021, and now it has Vorshlag camber plates and rear shock mounts + Motion Control Suspension monotube adjustable coilovers. We explain how we went from “A” to “B” to “MCS” in this long overdue Forum Build Thread.

Look at that fender gap – we HAD to drop this thing!

It might seem weird to modify another truck we own, but every vehicle around here has to earn its keep! And since this smol truck is based on the C2 Focus chassis, it has a “hot hatch” pedigree with McPherson struts, multi-link independent rear, All Wheel Drive, and even camber plates. And the optional towing package. Yes, its weird, but somehow it all works. We try to explain it, at least, in the build thread.

We show an insane amount of detail in how we developed the camber plates, the MCS coilover kit, and much more in the forum thread – with expandable pictures and behind the scenes discussions, like we always do! As we continue to develop the Mav it will get wider wheels and stickier tires, and even some road course testing. Yes, its crazy, and we might never sell a single thing for this truck, but its been a fun experiment anyway. You CAN make anything handle better! Thanks for reading.

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