Project #Trigger – S550 Mustang Project Update!

We have written another tech filled Forum Build Thread update that catches us up to current time. In this update we cover a load of work tackled over the last 5 months, between customer builds.

The work in this 3-part update covers the last steps needed to wrap up the cooling system, the oil vent catch can and plumbing, a Lexan back window install, carbon doors and even the new paint applied to the front fenders and nose.

The forum post also covers the steering wheel quick disconnect – which was a little tricky to be able to make the horn button work. The car also saw several digital dash mock-ups, shifter modifications, and a detailed guide to installing a fire suppression system.

The install of the AFFF fire suppression system was shown in great detail, and we will pull this out into a separate forum post of its own – showing the differences between “race car” and a “street car” fire system installs. Hope you enjoy lots of pictures showing behind the scenes work – if you do, you can dive deeper starting here.

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