Cadillac CTS-V Update – Project Badillac!

Since everyone is tired of seeing updates to the narrow body C6, we figured it was time to play “catch up” on some customer builds! We are starting with a big update to this 1st gen Cadillac CTS-V track build. In the latest Forum Build Thread 3 part update we catch up with a big chunk of work completed during a hectic part of this build, from December ’20 through April ’21. The Caddy is much further along now (runs, drives, & almost complete), but we like to share the details of our builds, and this time period was an important chapter on this CTS-V.

This round of work included some control arm bushing swaps then the HorsePower Research built 383″ LS6 longblock and T56 went into the car. This update also covers a big portion of the BMW Mk60 ABS swap, which included new brake lines, yaw sensor mounting, and a new brake pedal switch with a unique bracket. Then we cover the new LS7 water pump and ICT Billet manual belt tensioner install, and why we picked those. The existing long tube headers were bead blasted, ceramic coated, polished and installed.

There is considerable ink showing several issues that the installation of a FAST LSXR 102 intake manifold created – including a unique 4 port steam vent, new fuel rails, 102mm DBW throttle body, and even mods to a strut tower brace to clear this thing. Then there were some changes to the fuel system – including a new Radium filter and repairs to the fill/vent hoses for the fuel filling bulkhead are noted.

A big section of the Forum Build Thread update shows the work we did to add massive engine oil and power steering coolers from Derale, plus a remote oil filter from Improved Racing and a new TurnOne power steering pump – and a lot of plumbing. There was a lot of cooling plumbing that was re-done to work with the steeply rolled radiator including a coolant reservoir, new radiator hoses, and a small manifold to deal with the heater hoses and reservoir fill, then stem vent line tie-ins.

In the final section we cover the unique Cold Air Intake system we created with details on routing, air filter placement, a filter box, and the DEI Gold reflective thermal wrap on all of this. There is plenty of more work to show next time, but you can catch up in this round of work on our forum starting here. We cover all of these steps with a lot of detail and pictures, which hopefully gets you inspired to work on YOUR race car. See y’all at the track!

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