Narrow Body C6 Work + Two More TT Wins!

We have been busy improving our dual purpose street / track 2006 Corvette C6 and have tons of upgrades to share and four track events to cover since the July 26th update – click here to read the August 30th update to the Forum Build Thread for this car.

In the period since the last post we have attacked a number of areas that needed improvement, which included: adding camber to all four corners, upgrading the swaybars, another motorsport alignment, built a sim rig (to better learn a new track layout), added a suit cooler system, installed a massive Setrab oil cooler, built a custom Setrab power steering cooler, replaced some items, added an ATI balancer, built an air/oil separator, patched a hole in the inner fender, test fit some calipers, bought another set of wheels, swapped in another seat (then right back out), and added an MGW shifter.

As always, we show all of the steps in that mountain of work listed above, share some tips, and even show some things we did wrong – but we learned from these mistakes and made the car more reliable, easier to drive, and most importantly we made the car FASTER. Two more track tests (#109 and #11 at the same MSR track) showed the car dropped from a previous best of 1:21.9 to a new low time of 1:19.7 on street tires. Two more SCCA Time Trials resulted in two more wins and two “2nd fastest time of the day” in the overall results.

We cover all of this in this 4 part Forum Build Thread update and show hundreds of pictures, videos, data, screenshots of parts we looked at, part numbers, and so much more. And while this narrow body C6 Corvette model is a little unique in some of the problems and challenges it has faced, the testing methods and general build ideas we used can apply to all cars made for track use. No other shop on earth shares as much detail on their competition cars as we do. Thanks for reading!

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