More Project #NewBalance Updates + First TT Win!

There have been a lot of updates in the 6 weeks since our last blog post about #ProjectNewBalance, our 2006 Corvette. We are finally at the point – in lap times and money spent – where we can prove that we weren’t completely crazy when we bought this base model narrow body LS2 powered 6-speed manual car versus a Grand Sport (2x the cost) or Z06 (3x to 4x) Corvette of the same C6 generation: we have beaten numerous Grand Sport and Z06 cars in head to head competition on the same tires, with less money spent.

In this massive 4-part Forum Build Thread update we cover work done to this C6 on the following systems: upgraded control arm bushings, ball joints, a “real” alignment done by a Motorsports shop, an exhaust + header + cold air upgrade, a second Corbeau seat install, seat heater circuit, 6-point harnesses, a 3 lb Halon style fire bottle on a quick disconnect, AMB transponder install, and we finally got the Jongbloed 18×11/18x12wheels and 315mm Yokohama A052s installed. Going from our “control tire” 275mm Hankook RS-4s to these 315mm A052s was a BIG leap forward in fun!

This Forum Update also covers two more dedicated track tests (on 3 different sets / types of tires), a Dyno Tuning session, and our first SCCA Time Trial. It also links to two other forum posts where we show detailed instructions on the poly bushings (it was a massive section that we had to peel off) plus another covering our thoughts on SCCA Time Trial rules, 4 years after they were first introduced. We have done even more work, more track tests and another Time Trial event since the last part of that post, but those things will be covered next time. Thanks for reading!

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