Project #NewBalance Corvette – Major Updates + 5 Track Tests!

We bought this 2006 C6 Corvette base model 6-speed coupe during the Pandemic – all of the C6 Grand Sports and Z06 Corvette’s used car prices had spiked! This “narrow body” 6-speed car cost half what the cheapest “wide body” C6 was at the time (and they’ve only gone up!) We started off pretty slow but have found SEVEN seconds of track time drop at MSR Cresson so far, and this massive 4-part Forum Build Thread update details 12 months of changes and five track tests during that time!

The Forum Update covers so many changes and updates done to this truly dual purpose street/track C6: a seat upgrade, harness bar, 6-point harnesses, an MCS coilover install, an ABS swap, a carbon front lip upgrade, a baseline dyno run, wheel testing, brake pad swaps, alignments, wheel hub changes.

Not every update we did was perfect, but we share the good and bad in the Forum Update – so you can learn from us, with scientific track test results, what changes make the car faster and which ones do not. These same lessons apply to almost any car you would want to take on track, so reading this might help you no matter if you will ever own a C6 Corvette like this. Cars are all remarkably similar – it is easy to make them slower, but trickier to make them faster!

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