BMW E46 M3 CSL V8 Monster & E36 RHD LS V8 Kit Progress

Two different V8 swap build thread updates to share this time. First up is the massive 3-part forum build thread update for the E46 M3 CSL V8 monster we are calling #ChainsawMassacre! You can start reading the detailed updates here.

There is a lot to show in this round, covering 3 months of work: two on-board fire systems, headers were finished, the 8.8″ diff built and installed (see below), fuel injectors, rails and lines installed, oil lines were build, chassis was wired, coolant reservoir built and plumbed, battery kill added, ignition coils and plug wires, fuel cell installed, driveshaft built, interior panels, and brake inlets were made.

After you read and catch up on that customer build above, check out the update on our Alpha development project for the Right Hand Drive BMW E36 LS swap kit! This one was started late last year and is about to wrap up.

In this round we show the prototype 1-7/8″ long tube headers, which are completed and off being replicated for CNC bent, production units.

Once these are back and we can confirm fit we will kick off a production run of all of our Stage 0″ components for the RHD E36 crowd: headers, motor mounts, transmission mount, steering shaft, driveshaft + the bonus swap parts a 3-channel ABS relocation kit, brake lines, and hydraulic TOB kit. We will update you when that happens! Thanks for reading.

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