86 Project Update, new Whiteline Swaybars and Coilovers

Fans of the 86 chassis know that Vorshlag has worked with shock makers, swaybar suppliers, wheel makes and of course our spherical top mounts since the dawn of this chassis. Our FRS/BRZ/86 development thread (started in 2012!) has some new shiny bits we developed or installed in 2017 using our FR-S test car. You can read more about these updates starting here.

Some of what we did was to help get our test car closer to V8 power, but we also had suspension work we need to tackle. We show some additional camber plate testing we did with the OEM springs before we picked a coilover for this car.

The new Whiteline MAX G coilovers were installed in December and made a huge improvement in handling but minimal effect on ride quality. We talk about our upcoming track test for this set of shocks also.

We installed adjustable Whiteline swaybars at both ends at the same time, then explain how to install these correctly. We needed these big bars in the car to develop our V8 swap headers around.

A prototype for a rear battery relocation kit for the 86 chassis was built for this car – also getting us one step closer to the LS swap on our shop FR-S.

Lastly we cover the long tube header development – which we are doing with a new primary size for our 86 LS Swap set. Again, you can read all about it starting here. Thanks for reading!

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