CARTEK Motorsport Electronics Remote Battery Kill Kits at Vorshlag

After using their products on race car builds Vorshlag has become a stocking dealer for several CARTEK Motorsport Electronics products. CARTEK Battery Isolator Kits meet FIA specs, have no moving parts (solid state design), and bring remote battery kill into the 21st century.

These solid state battery isolators allow for remote triggering of engine/battery kill via buttons in multiple locations, and remove the “arcing and sparking” of old mechanical or solenoid style kill switches. This “no arcing” feature could be crucial if you are shutting down the electrics because of a fuel leak.

The CARTEK GT kit (shown above) kills the engine by taking in a fixed 12v input and sending a 12v output that would power your Ignition or ECU. When the negative side of the battery has been disconnected it will also cut the 12v output powering your Ignition or ECU – shutting down the engine. The GT kit is designed for cars with Standard (OEM) ECU’s or Historic Race cars.

The CARTEK XR unit does not have a power input or power output. Instead it sends a signal which is wired up to either a Power Distribution Module or Motorsport ECU that has an ignition switch signal input. The ECU or Power Distribution Module will then shut down when it see’s this signal – which then kills the engine. This new XR unit also features a 0.5 sec time delay between transmitting the engine kill signal and disconnecting the battery allowing ECUs time to perform a shutdown sequence before electrical power is lost.

CARTEK builds these components in the UK and has a long history of quality in Motorsports electronics. We stock the GT kits (shown installed above on a Toyota 86) here at Vorshlag, and have the best price of any U.S. distributor. You can see the CARTEK battery isolator kits at this page.

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