VW Mark VI Camber Plates Ready!

We have made a number of camber plates for the VW Golf over the years, first for the Mark V. Then we added the Mark VII version and have just released the Mark VI Golf design.

These were installed on our tester Jeremy’s 2012 VW Golf R recently. We built them for use with either the OEM spring perch or one of three popular coilover spring sizes, all with our integral radial bearing upper spring perches. These worked perfectly on our his Bilstein PSS10 coilovers, which we had installed previously.

With up to -3.5° front camber available inside the stock strut tower opening, we were all very satisfied with the results. Caster was positive 7.9° in the stock “positive” of two locations (the additional setting would remove about 0.5 deg).

There is even more negative camber travel possible in these plates if you are willing to notch the opening in the strut tower, or remove some positive caster.

We installed the Vorshlag Mark VI camber-caster plates, corner balanced the car and gave it a performance alignment to complete the package.

Look for this Mark VI Gold R on track in the DFW area, now with plenty of “tire friendly camber” up front. You can learn more about the Mark VI camber plates here.

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