69 Camaro Updates: Flat Floor + Exhaust

This custom tube frame 69 Camaro track build is one of our favorites, and we are happy to share updates to this build as we go. The latest forum build thread post shows dozens of pictures of work completed after the body was re-united to the frame after both sections were partially painted.

As you will see in the build thread the first things tackled after joining the body and frame were the exhaust from the custom built headers back. This car has a unique tunnel which allows the exhaust to be run inside, completely above the bottom of the flat floor.

We then show the work involved with making a modern aerodynamic “flat bottom floor” for a tube framed car like this. Some panels are bonded and riveted in place while others will be bolted on and removable.

Thanks for reading, liking, and sharing! This car will be on display at our annual open house Saturday Feb 25th here at Vorshlag.

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