More Mods to TTD E46 330 + TruckNorris Dies and is Reborn!

Two big Build Thread updates posted in the last 24 hours on the Vorshlag forum. First up are updates to our #DailyDrivenTrackCar E46 330, which we have prepped further for NASA TTD use.

The five month gap in that build thread has been updated with all of the mods we have done: custom header, custom exhaust, lightweight flywheel, upgraded clutch, CAI, ballast weight box, and even a half cage welded in.

There were two track events in that period but those write-ups will wait for next time. We do share dyno results, work hours logged, and detailed pictures and videos from this latest list of mods starting here.

Next up we have two updates on the shop truck’s project build thread. In this first update we see that TruckNorris was slammed into from behind then shoved into another vehicle, while parked in traffic. Smashed. Crunched. This truck was kilt!

A month later we bought another GMT800 short bed 1/2 ton to replace that truck, which we are calling The White Truck for now. Other names on the list include Truck Yaeger and TruckNado – thoughts?

We will chronicle the buildup of this super clean, very stock 2000 Silverado. Read this thread update to see what we have planned. Thanks for reading the Vorshlag Blog!

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