’67 Mustang Track Build Update!

This blog post is just a teaser for a massive, 3-part, Forum Build Thread Update that covers work on this ’67 Mustang from May 2020 thru January 2021.

The forum update cover a ton of work done at Vorshlag in that time: The strut towers were modified and reinforced, initial camber plates built, S197 spindles and brakes installed, steering completed, and the front suspension wrapped up. A power steering pump was modified and installed, a bit of cage work completed, the 18×11″ wheels and 315mm tires were fitted, a fuel cell was ordered and mounted, the entire fuel system was plumbed, and the Holley EFI system was wired.

Long tube headers were fitted to the 427″ LS7 engine, cooling system started, and hood hinges modified. Tremec has since released their TKX, so I can show that now. At the body shop a new hood was installed, the front doors and fenders were fitted, the rear wheels flared, a carbon lower air dam went on, and the whole body was blocked, sanded, adjusted, sanded some more, and primed.

The initial plan of building a simple track rat has grown into a respectable track build with a real paint job. This opens up the opportunities for this car to series where all of those things are important. Want to read a lot more? Start here in the latest forum post. This is also cross-posted to the TrackMustangsOnline forum, the S197forum, and the Lateral-G forum.

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