Massive Forum Update for V8 E46 Endurance Car!

A lot of work was completed on our after-hours, employee built, LS swapped endurance road racing E46 coupe. In this massive 4-part forum build thread update we cover 8 months of work that was done about 3 hours per week, so it gets drawn out a bit.

But being such a drawn out build lets us take the time to document every step of the process, even the experimental items and build procedures we are trying out on this car. We are pushing the limits on some aspects that we might not otherwise attempt on a customer’s car – we show both the successful and the abandoned processes and parts used in the latest forum build thread post.

Lots of systems are wrapping up: the roll cage (above) is about 95% complete, all of the suspension is done, the 5.3L LS V8 and Tremec TKX transmission are in, and the third and hopefully final seat is in place.

We also received the correctly built set 18×11″ wheels, then mounted some 315mm tires, and the fenders have been cut and clearanced for these and flares. There is still a good bit of plumbing and wiring to complete, but we’re going to push to get the car moving in April so we can try to make some races in 2021. Read the latest forum build thread update starting here.

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