8 year Journey – Jamie’s ST3 Mustang

In this latest Forum Build Thread update to our original S197 development thread we focus on 8 years of updates to one car: our customer Jamie Beck’s S197 Mustang. This car started life as a dual purpose street/track car but in 2014 he wanted a safer, dedicated race car build, and we gave him that.

Follow along starting here to watch the transformation to a gutted, caged, and wing race car as it developed from HPDE entry to NASA ST2 and ST3 wheel to wheel race car. Lots of weights are shown, as well as construction pics, the T56 Magnum XL and transmission cooler upgrade, aero changes, classing changes, and rules discussions.

Recently we began repairs to fix issues in a 2018 track incident, and we loved seeing this super clean race car in our shop once again. Now that the car is repaired and all of the expired items (nets, seats, belts) are updated, it will be running in ST3 for part of the NASA Texas 2021 season. Again, you can follow along on the entire 8 year build and update journey recently chronicled here in our S197 development thread. This is also chronicled on the S197forum and Track Mustangs Online.

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