Summer Track Testing

It is pretty hot here in Texas but we are staying busy developing new products and testing them on track as often as we can.

We hauled out to Kentucky to run our 2018 Mustang test mule at the Optima event at NCM June 1st-2nd. We tested an all new brake cooling setup and while there did pretty well in their autocross and speed stop events, plus learned a new-to-us circuit on their 3.2 mile full course. Very hot and humid weekend – time for a cool suit.

A long term customer build was wrapped up and dyno tuned, which let us get in some initial track testing at MSR Cresson June 26th. Lots of good data was gathered and the car is back at Vorshlag for further refinement before we get back to the track for more laps. Very hot and humid – did someone mention a cool suit?

The temps keep rising and more events keep popping up. To test a further revision to our new brake cooling setup as well as a brand new prototype diff cooler for the S550 chassis, we loaded up and hauled down to COTA on June 29th to run an SCCA Time Trial event. Hot and humid doesn’t even begin to describe it. With track temps exceeding 130°F by noon we were melting shoes and tires alike, but gathered some crucial temp data on all of the cooling upgrades we have developed for this chassis. NEED COOL SUIT ASAP!

We have other new designs in process that will help keep your car cool on track – which we might work on some new development indoors for the next couple of months, because, well…

Stay cool out there!
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