S550 Update, Forum is Back!

After nearly 8 weeks without a working forum, it is back and better than ever. We upgraded to the latest vBulletin version 5, moved everything to a new server with a lot more processing power, and we already have a new S550 Mustang Build Thread Update starting here!

This time we cover a pair of SCCA autocross events that we competed in, which was a long time coming. We did well at both and shared video and setup tips in our event write-ups.

This update also covers some new parts testing and upgrades to our 2018 Mustang GT test mule: a new Mishimoto radiator joins their oil cooler for more cooling capacity in the hot Texas summer. We go through the steps involved with that radiator install, as well as discuss weight changes in this overall car over the last 2 seasons.

We also chronicle the install of a a pair of AeroCatch hood latches onto the Anderson Composites carbon fiber GT5 vented hood, then a quick release fire bottle mounting kit for this chassis. There is a bit of a deep dive into in-car video cameras and some testing with AiM SmartyCam – which can integrate data and video in real time. Well, if you get every setting just right…

There are 5 more track events we have done since this installation, so look for another forum build thread update for this chassis soon. Thanks for reading!

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