Endurance BMW E46 Race Car – Updates!

After 3 months of after-hours work on our Vorshlag employee-built and employee-driven Team Endurance BMW we have to catch up on progress we have made at the Forum Build Thread, starting here.

The crew here at Vorshlag works on this E46 one night every week, and so far we have tackled a big chunk of the clean up work on this $100 rolling chassis. The interior removal was shown in the last update, but in this installment we cover the dreaded “tar paper” removal step, then the leftover adhesive removal after that. We tried a couple of different tar paper techniques, and have both pictures and video of the way that worked best.

Weight removal is always key on any race car build, and this round shows lots of extraneous bits we cut off or removed, which we weighed along the way. How could we have a build thread update without pictures of parts on scales?!

Last but not least we show how properly to repair badly “mushroomed” BMW strut towers with simple hand tools, then some preventative measures to keep the towers flat and crack-free long term. This step also has both pictures and a video how-to.

We have completed more work than this blog post shows but we will save more for next time. As always, if you liked what you see in this summary blog post, there is a LOT more to see on the Vorshlag Forum update. Thanks for stopping by!

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