Farewell to our C4 Project #DangerZone

After a successful Bring-a-Trailer auction in January, the new owner of our 1992 C4 Corvette time trial car hired us to add all of the safety gear necessary to run W2W vintage racing in the car. You can read the final update to the build thread here.

We got to work with a new custom fuel cell supplier, Pyrotect out of Oregon. They took the stock steel fuel tank, modified it heavily, added an FIA GT3 bladder, and installed an in-tank pump, level sensor, and baffled pickup area. We then installed the new fuel cell with new lines and wiring into the car.

Then we added a battery kill switch, new battery, a fresh Schroth 6-point harness, SPA NOVEC fire system with four nozzles, and cleaned up the car. It was picked up last week and will be racing in SVRA around the Indianapolis area soon.

If you want to see every step of this final work, the forum build thread details all of this and more starting here. Thanks for joining us on this project over the last 5 years – its been fun.

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