Pikes Peak Subaru and Scion FR-S V8 Updates

We have been busy in the Vorshlag shop working on various race cars and V8 swap kit development. In this blog update we have links to updates two popular build threads – Brianne Corn’s Pikes Peak Subaru and the Alpha build for the Scion FR-S LSx swap.

This is our second part to the 2014 update work we have performed, which you can read starting here. We show lots of pictures showing the details of a new pedal assembly that has an adjustable bias for a dual brake master cylinder set-up.

Another big item added in this update is hard to miss – this giant rear wing we acquired from AJ Hatman Racing. You can see how this custom set of rear wing uprights were built every step of the way.

The Alpha 2013 Scion FR-S V8 swap kit development is coming along nicely, too, and that thread update starts here. We’ve re-designed the motor mounts and are satisfied with those and the transmission crossmember was also tackled. We discuss the trickiness of developing a swap kit vs a one-off build and also detail how to remove spot welds in sheet metal. Enjoy!

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