S197 Mustang Races plus S550 Discussion

Our latest update to our massive S197 Mustang Build and Development Forum Thread (hosted on 5 forums) covers 4 separate events and discusses a variety of subjects.

First we cover a NASA race in late April where our TT3 prepped 2011 Mustang GT crushed its old track record from 2013 by over 3 seconds while winning the class by 6 seconds. We talk about the changes that we made over the past 12 months to justify this amount of lap time drop on a car with zero power improvements and actually more weight added (tires, wing, shocks, front aero).

We discussed our custom order of a 2015 “S550” chassis Mustang, which is all new. And after going to a car show we got to measure a few things on and sit inside one of the pre-production cars. The 8 minute video of inside, outside and underneath this S550 car got some hits. Again, click here to read the 3-part build thread update for lots more details, pictures and in-car videos. Thanks!

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