S197 Mustang Updates plus GTA at RoadAtlanta

We have added a lot of used Mustang parts to our Clearance page – a rear spoiler, a rear wing, some suspension parts, various exhaust system components, and a lot of used race tires. We detail each item added in the beginning of this S197 Build Thread forum update.

We also detail the GTA event at RoadAtlanta in May that we went to with our 2011 Mustang and had “an interesting time” when the brakes boiled into a 150 mph corner.

Finally we cover some lessons learned from this incident and cover the braking system upgrades we have made to this car to handle more heat on longer stints.

These upgrades include: moving to larger front brake ducting (going from 3″ to 4″), to new fluid (higher boiling point), keeping spares handy (brake pads!), and a few good practices we will use from now on. We also take a a critical look at safety gear use in Time Trial and HPDE events. You can read all about it in this 4-part mega post, starting here.

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