Tube Framed 69 Camaro Build Thread Update

Been a while since we updated this customer’s build thread. A lot has happened since that last update, and this series of post in the Project Build Thread get you caught up with work done in 2018 – including undertray, rear diffuser, and rear wing.

There are dozens and dozens of detailed pictures showing various steps of the build in this Project Build Thread. Lots of little detail shots for welding, fabrication, and design.

You might not be building a tube framed track car but there might be some tips and tricks within that fit your build – like this Motorsports style heater/defroster (shown below). Nothing worse than driving blind, but for only a 7 pound sacrifice, you can put this simple, compact defroster into your race car.

You can start reading the 2-part update on the Vorshlag forum starting right here.

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