2018 Mustang / S550 Project Build Thread Update

It has been a couple of months since our last post in our S550 Mustang Forum Build Thread – but there’s a new triple sized post starting here. This is the thread where we chronicle new product development, testing, and competition events using our 2018 Mustang and other customers’ “S550” generation cars.

This time we cover a number of new parts we have made or tested using our car, including additional power from an American Racing Headers long tube header system, new cold air intake, and a custom dyno tune using an SCT “X4” programmer. The before/after dyno results were a bit surprising – and forced a last minute class change from NASA’s TT3 to TT2 class. We explain the classing process in detail, plus our plans to move back into the more appropriate (for this car’s weight & power) TT3 class.

We cover some brake duct testing and development, did an analysis of brake pad wear from this car – over the three completely different front brake systems tested to date – and then turned towards suspension.

A big part of this update covered some changes to our MCS RR2 coilovers, which went back on the car with new lengths, plus an all-new S550 2 height “Raised” rear shock mount design that features a spherical bearing, of course. We mounted the MCS remote reservoirs, added a Ford Racing strut tower brace, and more.

There are two new MOMO wheel sets, and two new tires sets, for the car for the 2019 season. We also review a new Sparco carbon helmet in this post. We have much more in store already written for the next update, but this one turned into a 9000 word post, so we had to stop. The update can be found starting here. Thanks for reading!

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