Vorshlag Buys 2018 Mustang GT – New Parts Coming!

Exciting news to share for this racing season here at Vorshlag: we waited until the S550 got -REALLY- good and bought the revised 2018 GT about two weeks ago! Lots of plans for new parts to make, lots of existing S550 products to test, and many racing shenanigans in the future! Read more in this 2-part forum post.

This is “Big Red’s Dirty Little Sister”, and its got the “base everything”. We explain why we bought the lowliest GT, why the 2018 is special, and what we have in mind in our S550 development thread. The 460 hp direct inj3ected 5.0L is pretty damned nice.

In this first series of posts we cover the best parts of the S550 and get into some serious bench racing. Enjoy!

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