Ford Focus RS – Track Tested and Disassembled!

Are you excited about the new 350 hp, AWD Focus RS? Do you want to buy one, then race it on a road course or autocross? If so you should read this blog post and the linked forum thread update.

Vorshlag’s Ford Focus RS Development Thread has been updated (starting here) with tens of thousands of words, a staggering 88 pictures, and a half dozen unique videos in this 3 part, tech packed post.

In this post we disassemble the RS to weigh and measure stock parts, then work on some designs to improve suspension components, where we think it is needed.

Finally we take the bone stock RS with 83 miles on the odometer to Motorsport Ranch and test it on a proper 1.7 mile road course. Video, data logging, and driving combine to get a good baseline “stock” lap time. We have lots of room for improvement, that’s for sure.

The owner Todd Earsley of MyShopAssist then takes the stock RS and races at two Optima/USCA 2-day competition events, where the factory tires and suspension are taxed to their limits. Again, this gives us all more baseline testing to hopefully improve upon in the coming months. All of the disassembly and the 3 track tests are covered starting here.

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