Another Focus RS Development Post

Well 5 days ago we posted a series of forum thread posts that have lit up the Focus forums. In this latest entry we try to better explain some of the aspects of what we saw and then show the potential fixes for these issues on track. We also had to remind folks that not everything we noted was bad.

We have a lot of parts being built or shipped to us this week and will have a very different Focus RS for Todd to race at the Optima @ Road American event Aug 27-28th. Does this 2 day event sound like fun? You should enter!

This “quick update” with some explanations grew into a massive 3-part post, starting here. The tech we covered in this post included finding optimal tire pressures, comparing tire-to-weight ratios, camber loss due to body roll and bushing deflection, and much more. We also looked at back at previous development projects including the EVO X, BRZ, and S197 Mustangs we have worked with – and we noted the “track issues” these cars all had in stock form.

Not much “new” work on the Focus RS this time, just a look back at other cars in stock form that we found terrible in their own ways. We have a ton of new parts inbound and being machined this week, so our next post will have some real solutions for the RS. Stay tuned!

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