Vorshlag 2013 Scion FR-S: Bought, Repaired, Weighed, & Track Tested!

We created a “Forum Development Thread” for a 2013 BRZ back in 2012 and updated it a number of times through 2013. We got busy and forgot to show the other work on 86 chassis cars we have worked on since then, or even the autocross we had run in August 2013. Today we updated this thread (starting here) with that 3 year old race write-up, showed some some new products we have developed since then, then introduced an FR-S we just added to the Vorshlag stable.

The summer of 2016 has been busy for us and to help test some “new products” for the FRS/BRZ “86 Twins” we picked up this red 2013 Scion FR-S (shown above) a week ago. Not only will we use this to car to verify some new parts we have already produced, but it will become a test bed for other new suspension, brake, wheel/tire, and power parts we want to develop.

To get the car track ready we had to replace a few things, but we kept them as close to the OEM spec as possible. We also stuck with the skinny stock tire size of a hard treadwear, to mimic the OEM tires. This helped keep the testing fair for “Baseline Lap Time”.

With a “perfect amount of pressure” in the tires we got some great test laps in the stock FR-S last Saturday at Motorsport Ranch. We drove on the 1.7 mile CCW course and have the in-car video with data overlay and lap times in the the now continued thread. Check out the latest entry starting here.

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