Vorshlag Weighs 2015 Mustang Performance Package GT 5.0 6-spd!

We finally got the call today from Corey White at Five Star Ford… their first 2015 Mustang arrived, and it was a 5.0L 6-speed Performance Package car in yellow. Faster than you can say “what’s it weigh?” we were rocketing to their dealership with our scales in the back of Truck Norris!

We got there and immediately weighed the car – and were shocked when it came in 100 pounds lighter than the magazines are reporting. 3718 pounds without “trunk junk” was impressive. The car looked damned good in yellow, too.

Read our new S550 Development Thread to see more pictures and also weights of 3 other similar cars we have taken to compare this S550 GT to. Its in good company, well under the weight of a 2014 Z/28 (by more than 100 pounds). We got to take a brief test drive as well, and you can read Terry’s first hand impressions in this post.

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