Mustang Products and Updates

In the latest post from our S197 Forum Build Thread we cover some new products we’re developing as well as a NASA ST3 build underway on a customer’s 2013 Mustang GT.

This car is getting a full roll cage, massive aero, and much more. We’ve removed a lot of junk from this car during the cage install, including 74 pounds of junk from within the doors (window glass, window motors, tracks, door beam and interior panels).

We have weighed numerous items that have come out of this car during race prep, which include the a/c system parts as well. Every component was photographed on a scale, for you “weight junkies” out there.

Lastly we cover a local SCCA autocross we entered in our TT3 prepped Mustang. It was raining when Amy drove, drying when Terry drove, and a sloppy mess. But we still had fun. Again, you can read all about this and more in this forum post.

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