Lots of S197 Parts and Race Updates

We’ve been busy working on a number of cars at the Vorshlag shop, and this forum update in our S197 build thread shows two Coyote 5.0L V8 swaps, the transformation of a street 2013 Mustang GT into a NASA ST3 race car, and more.

We’re going to be sharing the weekly customer work we do in our “This Week in the Vorshlag Shop” forum thread as well as Mustang related stuff in our “S197 Build Thread”

There are also a number of new Mustang brake cooling products we’ve developed, built and added to our website (in this S197 braking section). A lot of this and more is explained in this Brake Cooling Video, too.

Lastly, this recent post details the last 3 events we attended in our TT3 prepped Mustang. We remind folks to tune in August 15th at 7 pm CST on MAVTV to see the coverage of the Optima Ultimate Street Car Qualifier event from March that we won. We hope to see our red Mustang a bit in this hour long show, which re-airs many times on MAVTV. To find what channel this is on your TV provider, click here.

We have a lot of race events scheduled for September and October, plus a shop move to a newer/bigger space, so stay tuned. Until then, smoke em if you got em…

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