More 2018 Mustang Brake Upgrades, Tech, and Racing Action!

We have written another 3-part forum post chronicling the testing, updates, and Time Trial events we continue to do in our shop 2018 Mustang GT.

After another step up in pad compounds, Amy and Terry both competed in the ’18 GT at an SCCA Club Trials competition event at Eagles Canyon Raceway, above. Braking endurance wasn’t any better, and at this brake intensive track the brakes were cooked after one hard lap. But with some careful rationing of the brakes Terry was able to eek out one quick lap at the end of the day to win the Street Touring 2 class.

During this same >forum thread update we jump back in time four years and show stock S550 lap times driven by the same driver in a 2015 Mustang GT with the optional 15″ PP brakes. Since the 15″ brakes were pretty reliable then, even on stock pads, we stepped up to this set of rotors/calipers on our 2018 GT – which we bought with the base 14″ brakes.

Following the ECR event we show the upgrade to the “Performance Pack” front brakes with 15″ rotors and 6 piston calipers, as well as new tow hooks and some other tweaks. We also built a prototype brake cooling package for this 15″ setup, which will go into production later this year. We missed one critical issue on this upgrade that hurt us at our next series of events. Read more about this car in our S550 forum development thread, starting here. Thanks!

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