S550 Build Thread Update: Mods, Testing, & Tech!

We have a lot of things to share in this massive 4-part entry to our S550 Development / 2018 Mustang GT build thread this time. You might want to get a snack, then settle in for a good read.

In this latest update we show the installation steps for the Whiteline coilovers and swaybars added to our shop 2018 Mustang, with dozens of pictures and even a handful of Tech Tip videos along the way.

There is a lot of technical info about the 19×11″ wheel and 305mm tire upgrade we performed. Sure was a big step up from the factory 235mm all seasons – we basically added a 5th tire!

We then do a Race Summary show our Track Test # 2 (at a NASA Time Trial race weekend), where we found a huge ten second drop in lap times from the stock laps run a week earlier. The data logged video is dissected and compared to 12 other late model street and race cars we have driven at the same test track with the same driver. Where the 2018 GT slots into that list in stock and modified form is pretty amazing.

There is also a frank discussion about the unusual brakes found on the 2015-up Mustangs Ecoboost and base model GT. Some real weirdness uncovered, and some unsolvable problems – but we have a plan. You can start reading about it all here.

Thanks for reading!

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