New Vorshlag C6 Corvette Build + Development Thread!

After 12 years of being a slave to McStrut cars, Vorshlag owner Terry finally snapped and bought another C6 Corvette. This leads us to our new C6 Forum Build / Development Thread, which starts off with a 2 post introduction.

How do C7 Corvettes “stack up” on the scales compared to a C6 Z06?

This thread isn’t being written for any fake car tech forums, or censored to be a “safe space”. Instead this will just be posted on the Vorshlag forum with loads of #Watermarked pictures, biased track videos, leaded fuel, tangential writing, in a marketing spin zone where cars will be put on scales… against their will! #FatCarShaming

In this introductory post we discuss some of the technology that makes the C6 Z06 chassis special – a car with a 7.0L V8 we might never see in another factory sports car ever again. Then there’s a road course track test of a stock C6 Z06 vs a stock C7 Grand Sport. Who comes out on top?

Lastly we show the pile of a C6 Z06 parts that Terry dragged to the Vorshlag shop and calls “a car”. Is he insane? Can this mess ever run under its own power? Will he get a divorce if he brings another stray car home? Will he be replaced as Communications Director at Vorshlag – after only 10 days on the job?? Click here to find out!

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