Vorshlag camber plates for S550 Mustang!

We at Vorshlag have been hard at work designing, testing, and machining new camber plates for various chassis in 2016. We made our S550 camber plate initially for use with coilover springs in 2015 but 3 months ago we made a prototype for the OEM style springs on a 2015 Mustang GT.

This change required a substantial number of new parts, and we now have production parts in stock and these are ready to ship (see details here). This design is made for cars using the factory spring, lowering springs, or the popular GT350R springs – as shown below on our prototype tester’s CAM-C classed 2015 Mustang.

This setup will work on Ecoboost, V6, Coyote V8 Mustangs as well as the Shelby GT350s – without changing the front ride height, and it still uses our radial bearing spring perches for long term reliability. If you ever switch to coilovers these can be converted merely with a spring perch change.

Our S550 camber plate for coilover use is also in stock and ready to ship (see details here). Like our OEM design, these can add an additional 2.5° of negative camber and have 2 adjustable caster settings. We machine 3 versions of upper spring perches to work with the common coilover spring sizes – 2.25″, 60mmm, and 2.5″ inner diameter.

We have well over a year of testing on the coilover design and have sold many sets to S550 Mustang racers using MCS, JRZ, Ridetech and other brands of coilovers. You can learn more about the S550 MCS offerings here, which we helped develop here at Vorshlag. There are several more camber plate designs we are releasing into production in the coming days and weeks – stay tuned!

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