Vorshlag camber plates for 5th Gen Camaro!

Two new production camber plate designs released in two days! As we have said before, 2016 was our year of releasing a “new part every week”.

This new 5th gen Camaro spherical camber plate design has been in development for some time and we’ve finally produced both the OEM and coilover spring perch options. We tested both production versions on the 2013 1LE below and they worked great.

This Camaro camber plate uses twice as many main camber plate parts as our other designs (see above – 4 pieces machined for one set), since the 5th Gen Camaro “Zeta” chassis strut tower has no mounting holes for the factory top mount. Our solution was to have a form fitting lower plate, that fits underneath the strut tower, with a second plate on top, that bolts to the lower plate from above the tower. The bearing holder slides relative to the two to adjust camber.

While this was complicated to design and machine, installation is actually pretty easy. So is camber adjustment, which can be done track side in less than a minute per side – just raise a front corner (tire off the ground), loosen the 4 Allen head bolts, and slide the wheel inboard or outboard to change camber. Tighten, lower, and hit the road. The face of the top plate has alignment reference marks to make it easy to see the difference between your “Street” and “Race” alignments, too.

This design has been tested rigorously on both a competition road race car (LG Motorsports Camaro) and a street/autox/track car (Scottish Joe’s 1LE), both shown below. That means the design can handle the rigors of competition road racing as well as the brutal day-to-day grind of street driving. The Vorshlag 5th gen Camaro camber plate design uses our massive spherical bearing in the camber plate and our exclusive sealed double row radial bearing in both our OEM style and all three coilover style (2.25″, 60mm, or 2.5″ ID springs) upper spring perches. These camber plates use NONE of the factory parts from the OEM top mount or spring perch – just set them aside for if/when you ever take the car back to stock. And if you ever switch from an OEM style spring/strut to coilovers, the camber plate assembly can be easily converted with just a spring perch change.

Our 5th gen Camaro camber plates are in stock and ready to ship. This design can add an additional 2.5° of negative camber over stock, with coilover equipped cars getting a tick more adjustment due to their smaller diameter springs. The lower you run ride height also adds more negative camber at all top plate settings. Got more questions? Call Vorshlag – we’re glad to help!

If you are thinking of switching to better dampers and springs, doing so at the same time as you change the top mounts is a great time. We can provide Bilstein PSS10 coilovers and even convert the front springs to a true 60mm ID spring, with higher rates than Bilstein provides in their base kit. We have street, autocross and road course testing with some firmer rates – that still ride great on the street. This is the beauty of inverted monotube adjustable dampers – they can control more spring rate without killing the ride quality.

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