2013 NASA Nationals Prep & Racing Coverage

We have finished writing several new S197 Build Thread Updates that need to be linked. If you have been following along for the past 3 years, these last 4 series of posts cover a lot of updates and improvements, as well as our event coverage at the first NASA National Championships we have attended. We took our TT3 Mustang, did pretty well, and here’s the coverage:

+ Pre-Nationals Quick Update, Sept 2nd (1 post): Link
+ Final Pre-Nationals Car Updates + the 25 hour Tow, Sept 17th (1 post): Link
+ Prep Work During NASA Nationals, Sept 18th (2 posts): Link
+ NASA Nationals Racing Coverage + Results, Sept 23rd (4 posts): Link

Whew, that’s a lot of reading! 8 posts and almost every one hit the 20K character limit. Tons of pictures (click them for higher rez versions), behind the scenes looks at the last of the prep work, blow-by-blow coverage of the racing at NASA Nationals, in-car video, and more. Enjoy!

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